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Great day. Serving police firearms officer. I was looking to improve on my pistol handling and recieved great one on one tuition. I would highly recomend and will come back for further tuition.
Pistol Firearms Training 18th August 2021
Ivan Pearce
Nobby is a Master firearms instructor, his experience and knowledge are displayed in his coaching methods. I wholly recommend attending whichever course you are thinking of from novice to expert and if you are unsure I hope this testimonial persuades you, you really wont regret it.
Pistol Firearms Training 16th August 2021
Barry Pope
I have nothing but admiration and respect for KNobby and the course that he ran for me . It was a total, pleasure to meet him and listen to some of his incredible experiences , knowledge and expertise . I would highly recommend KNobby .
Bespoke Firearms Course 11th August 2021
Reiss Michael
Professional, efficient, humble, experienced amongst many other ways to describe Nobby and the course I attended. I wouldn’t of wanted a better way to be introduced into firearms other than through the Shootingtrainingsolutions way, I definitely will be attending another course in the future and can’t thank Mark enough for the realism he gave me which ultimately lit a even more greater fire under me to pursue what I want to do. Thank you!
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th August 2021
John Pemberton
Mark really knows his stuff, had a vast wealth of experience and made the courses really enjoyable. If you think it’s going to be a rushed, quick get you on the range kinda course this isn’t for you. Mark is thorough and ensures all safety aspects are covered and your knowledge of the weapons systems is such that you can safely and competently use them. Looking forward to booking my next course in the future. Many thanks to mark for his patience and assisting me to complete the course.
Bespoke Firearms Course 2nd August 2021
Iverton Alexandria
I’m very happy and pleased with everything I have learned, from fixing bad habits, posture and improving my accuracy. I now have more confidence after everything I learned, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in becoming better and competent with weapons. I will certainly come back for some development with different weapons in future Thanks Mark, see you soon
Pistol Firearms Training 1st August 2021
As a complete beginner, I had no idea what to expect when embarking on a 2-day bespoke course with Mark. I had a basic understanding of firearms and a urge to learn more and I’ve come away with so much knowledge. It is clear when working with Mark that he is probably one of the most knowledgable people on firearms in the country, so not only do you feel in safe hands but also confident in what you’re learning. It was a great experience to be able to learn the theory, practice drills in a safe environment and then move onto the live range when he feels you’re ready. There was a lot to learn and I was exhausted by the end of the two days, but I’ve come away wanting to learn even more. Mark is really patient to be able to be at his level and yet teach a complete beginner whilst being completely calm and ready to answer any questions I had too. Thanks again Mark!
Bespoke Firearms Course 24th July 2021
I found Mark because I wanted help with making the decision to sign up for the royal marines or not. Not only did Mark’s mentoring grant me absolute clarity, but it turns out he is one of the most interesting men in the world. I was awestruck by his life story and feel grateful that I got to spend one-on-one time with him. And forgetting all of that, it’s clear from his teaching ability that he is a master marksman. I had never been in the same room with an AK74 or an M16 before my training with Mark, and after six hours of training, I was able to disassemble and then reassemble the guns…blindfolded. I was also able to hit my target dead centre for the majority of my shots, having never fired a gun before. If you want shooting training from a true master, Mark is your man, and a great man he is.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th July 2021
Three teenagers enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience with Shooting Training Solutions. Mesmerised by the expertise, skill and experience of their instructor, they were led through the principal aspects of weapon safety, the marksmanship principles, and the assembly and care of three foreign weapon systems. Safe handling of these rifles was emphasised throughout and having completed proficiency tests, they were able to proceed to the range. The range was conducted safely, professionally and with great care for those under instruction. On completion of the course, they were elated and departed the range feeling proud, satisfied and perhaps surprised with all they had accomplished under the instructor’s expert direction. Secure, Bona-Fide, Superlative
Special Forces Firearms Experience 10th July 2021
Mel Hardcastle
Mark is an exceptional leader and trainer. I can’t decide which was more fun, the actually training or listening to his fascinating life. For me as a mum, safety was really important as I was with my son but Mark puts safety first and foremost. You will cover a lot in a short space of time but his training instruction skills are first class.
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th July 2021
Tom Hardcastle
Mark’s professionalism is the best of the best, thoroughly enjoyed my course. With intense training both days we really got to grips the fundamentals and safety of weapon handling. Mark had a good balance of making the course fun and interesting, but kept the principles of how important safety is. He made sure all of the party were on the same page at all times, I am defiantly interested in doing more courses and learning more of mark in the future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th July 2021
Aaron Flanagan
Had a great time at Shooting Training Solutions. One to one with Mark gave me great opportunity to learn about the AK47 and the M16. Really enjoyed the classroom and live firing on the range. Would definitely go back for further training on other weapon systems and would highly recommend the training to others.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th July 2021
Nobby is the real deal. The most poised, prepared and professional teacher I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. You will be lucky for the chance to benefit from his experience and his guidance.
Bespoke Firearms Course 2nd July 2021
Julia M Crockett
Mark Knowles is a professional at the top of his game, bringing years of combat and training expertise to the patient teaching of the safe and effective use of military and policing weapons. He is rightly cautious about whom he agrees to train, and I am honoured to continue this learning process with his guidance.
Bespoke Firearms Course 17th June 2021
Matthew Andrews
I had no expectations or idea what to expect. I had no previous experience. Mark was very welcoming and friendly, he set me at ease and made me feel relaxed. The course was very packed with lots of information and knowledge, pasted down from Mark's years of experience. I had a great time and can not wait to return to continue my learning. Mark has a talent for teaching which is natural and easy to understand.
Bespoke Firearms Course 12th June 2021
Stefan Bramble
Absolutely first rate. The course was challenging but also fun and, most importantly, SAFE! I was very impressed with the structure, content and professionalism involved. The training was robust and realistic but was delivered at a pace that suited me, and with a balanced level of coaching. Thank you for the amazing experience. I had no experience at all with firearms and I much appreciated the attention to detail, the firm approach as well as the good humour. I will definitely book a follow up course to reinforce & expand on what I have learnt. I happily give Shooting Training Solutions my strongest recommendation. Thanks Nobby 😊
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th June 2021
Gordon Worrell
Mark is a highly motivated and extremely professional instructor, which is reflected in the training delivered. Very interesting and informative course, carried out in an informal atmosphere, with the emphasis on the practical elements. Mark went to great lengths to ensure the students were not only competent but confident with the subject matter. An excellent week. I would not hesitate to recommend Shooting Training Solutions as I thought it was second to none. Thank you Mark
Bespoke Firearms Course 31st May 2021
Filip Ghinea
I've had the pleasure of working with Mark over a 2-day bespoke firearm training for actors. As a complete novice, Mark's teaching technique was spot on, a perfect mix of professionalism and fun, keeping me fully engaged throughout the weekend, in a very safe environment, perfectly showcasing his knowledge and enjoyment of teaching. Using different weapons, we covered marksmanship principles, normal safety procedures, stripping and reassembling, drills, etc., and finished the weekend with a couple of hours on the range. I truly had an amazing time, I learned so much, felt extremely safe for the whole course, and really had a good time, I am definitely looking forward to my next course with Mark!
Bespoke Firearms Course 29th May 2021
This was an incredible day of firearms training led by the absolute best there is. Interesting, engaging, fun, challenging and competitive. I would pay just to hear about Mark's career and achievements, never mind the expert one-on-one tuition and support. I'd certainly recommend this!
Bespoke Firearms Course 28th May 2021
As an ex-Guardsman with experience on 3 operational tours, I already knew one end of a rifle from the other; but 2 days with Mr. Knowles showed me how very shallow my previous skill at arms and weapon handling knowledge were. MK was humble and approachable as he refreshed and then thoroughly embellished my knowledge base and skill set to a measurably high degree in a remarkably short time. UKSF standards are the world's highest and it's these Gold Standards of Safety and Competence which MK delivers. Competence breeds confidence so I leave STS with a much deeper understanding of Firearms and how to use them and I am more confident than ever that I am developing a skill set that I can rely on in a hostile environment should things go wrong. This course was, above all, fun and I had a lot of laughs along the way but Safety, Safety, Safety was always the apex priority and the professionalism didn't waver throughout. Before leaving I booked my next course with MK as his instruction is in high demand. STS Training is worth every penny and more, I can't reccomend it highly enough.
Bespoke Firearms Course 21st May 2021
Tomas Gilheany
The course was an exceptional course which kept me engaged all the way through, Marks knowledge and experience was unparalleled! He was able to instantly reconise what I was doing wrong and corrected it. Due to this and the great coaching I have got my confidence back when it comes to pistol shooting. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their pistol shooting. Thankyou Mark!
Personal Development Course 25th April 2021
Mike Lewis
The instructor has unparalleled experience. I would be very surprised if there was a more qualified and thorough weapons training training provider anywhere in the UK or elsewhere.
Bespoke Firearms Course 10th December 2020
Irina Stadniciuc
The Bespoke Firearms Course was an wholesome experience which taught me not only about firearms, but also how discipline, precision and focus are key elements for success in everything. I was impressed by the professionalism, patience and encyclopaedic knowledge Mark has and the way how he inoculated life-saving principles in my conscience. With Mark I found out a new world where guns are an art and to handle them properly and SAFELY is all about. Can’t wait to work again with him in the future, to develop more and more my skills and to listen to his stories which beat every book and movie out there. Thank you Mark for everything you have done and do!:)
Bespoke Firearms Course 8th December 2020
Fabrice Arfi
Having worked as a movie extra for some years and as someone who was one of the last generation to have done French National Service, I thought myself reasonably well prepared for the Firearms Course. In reality, I couldn't have been more off the mark... no pun intended. Not only were the standards higher than anything I'd been exposed to in the past but I was constantly expected to excel at every task and assignment. Nobby is a man who has worked at the highest level imaginable in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. Also, it should come at no surprise that his expectations from his students are extremely high. The training requires common sense, practical thinking, a great amount of skill and hand/eye coordination, more endurance and flexibility that you think and an ability to process information and make it your own in record time. The resulting experience is not only unforgettable but will leave you empowered to handle weapons in a way that is not only safe but practical and based on real life scenarios. It is impossible to express how involving and how useful the whole experience is and I cannot recommend it highly enough... You'll have to experience it for yourself. As for me, I simply cannot wait to return and build up on the knowledge and experience acquired on the course.
Bespoke Firearms Course 3rd December 2020
Charity Watson
I came into the course knowing next to nothing and walked away astounded at the quality of instruction and what I was able to learn in just a few days. Mark's extensive background and experience massively inform the course and his professionalism, patience and hands-on approach make him an excellent instructor. Would highly recommend.
Business Corporate Firearms Package 1st November 2020