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Mike Clarke
I asked Nobby to provide a course based around the M4 platform, Nobby brought his years of skillful teaching and put together an excellent course helping me to familiarise myself with the weapon, its components , a full range of IA drills before moving on to the shooting phase where he coached me enabling me hone my groupings. Nobby is engaging and very patient and I would recommend his courses to anyone seeking proficiency in this realm.
Bespoke Firearms Course 16th May 2024
Jake Crofts
Perfectly run course, filled with useful and practical information. Everything was presented in an understandable way and Mark was beyond helpful with learning the drills, can’t wait to come back.
Bespoke Firearms Course 11th May 2024
Bob Boyd
What a great day, I can thoroughly recommend this experience to everyone, Nobby was the perfect host and it was great to hear his stories and they set the scene for the day. I imagine people in the armed forces might be used to stripping down rifles, but as a first timer I found it to be great fun. The shooting is of course the best, and Nobby controls it perfectly, so it’s a very safe experience and entirely good fun. Thanks Nobby for a great day, I certainly recommend it wholeheartedly. Bob Boyd
Bespoke Firearms Course 3rd May 2024
Jeff Davies
HI Mark It was a fantastic day far exceeding my expectations and the value to the nation of our very special forces.. Very interesting and informative. The afternoon hands on shooting experience made us all realise just how much practise is required to become a proficient shooter. The competition between us was enjoyed by all. Thanks again for a very interesting day and hopefully may see you at Stourbridge Rugby Club before Christmas.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 3rd May 2024
Stephen Bullock
Excellent presentation and safety briefing. A real insight into current assault rifles, from their history, to development, the component parts, assembly and disassembly, prior to the actual firing of the weapons. A very good days instruction which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in this subject.
Bespoke Firearms Course 8th April 2024
Mr Michael Hollis
What a great day! and what a great instructor! Staring in the classroom Mark A.K.A Nobby Knowles took us through his career in the Marines and the Special Forces and what a career it was. This was followed by a session in the shooting range, on weapons safety, weapons handling and marksmanship. Nobby made the day into an experience to be remembered.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 8th April 2024
Warren ‘Ted’ Edwards
I doubt you will find a higher level of weapons handling instruction anywhere else in the world.
Bespoke Firearms Course 8th April 2024
I was gifted the Special Forces Firearms Experience as a gift for my 30th Birthday. The experience was absolutely brilliant. Learning about Nobby’s experiences through the services and his incredible stories. We have gone on to do some weapons handling, stripping of weapons and then onto the range for an afternoon of shooting. The 4 of us throughly enjoyed the day and would highly recommend the experience!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 6th April 2024
Jon Courtney-Thompson
Dear Nobby,. Thank you very much for an excellent day on Saturday. We were enthralled with your presentation of your career with the Marines and the SBS, and as a civilian with no military experience, I am so glad that there are incredible individuals like you that are willing to put yourself in harms way, for the benefit of our nation. Thank you for all your service, which is frankly extraordinary, and also the enormous amount of money you are raising for veterans and military charities. The weapons training and shooting experience, was great fun, very well delivered, and I felt absolutely safe under your control. I was nervous at first [stripping the AK47], and I think we all agreed you needed to keep an eye on me on the range! Thankfully my confidence grew, and the experience of handling and loading the weapons became enjoyable, and of course competitive with my two sons and brother in law. For the record, I preferred the MP5 - its elegant, simple design and operation suits my aversion to the other more complex weapons, and I also liked the sighting system. I think that the final shoot-off was surprisingly close, and I can report that my brother-in-law and I indeed bought the wagered curry for the rest of the family when we got home. Thank you again for a great day. I know that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it wouldn't surprise me if in years to come we're back again! Enjoy your next holiday, and thank you again.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 6th April 2024
An excellent day of instruction on the Glock 17, covering aspects from safe handling through to the shoot itself. Nobby was a fantastic instructor who improved my shooting tremendously.
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th April 2024
Chris Ellyatt
If you are reading this testimonial, I have two words: book it. This was, by far, the finest training course I have attended. Mark (Nobby) was in touch with me throughout booking and tailored my course to my exact requirements, clearly doing the prep on his side to provide a bespoke course for my genuine safety and survival in the environment I would encounter. On the day, Nobby knew exactly how to ease me in to the process, clearly as a result of his many years of experience at the very highest levels of military service in the world. He trained me with precision and careful guidance, and knew where to assist if required, all without comprimising that I had understood the safety requirements I needed to leave with to be safe in the field. The theory and practical elements were both perfect and I cannot recommend STS enough. I feel I have gained a genuine skillset from my day with Nobby and I would love to go back to learn more.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th April 2024
Ian Shipman
Thank you for a great day, loved the insight into your career and sharing story's with us. The experience on the shooting range was fantastic , this down to you teaching us in a calm, & patience way , and still injecting humour into the experience. Thank you again
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th March 2024
James Rodley
We had a great time with Nobby on this course. Hearing about his career and achievements is gripping, a tiny insight into the secretive world of Special Forces operations. We were all beginners shooting, so learning the basic principles for gun handling and marksmanship was a great experience. Would highly recommend and hopefully we will be back for further courses.
Bespoke Firearms Course 24th March 2024
Alex Mackay
The course was a great day for our small group. We learned loads on the safe handling and operation of rifles which went far beyond a typical shooting experience, whilst still being in a fun and relaxed environment. I would highly recommend. We all finished the day smiling.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd March 2024
David Wyatt
Thanks Nobby for a great day, myself and Max throughly enjoyed ourselves, it was very interesting to hear the experience you have had. It was also informative to learn the dismantling and reassembling of the guns too. Great competition at the end, I was relieved it was a draw otherwise I would never of heard the end of it!
Bespoke Firearms Course 16th March 2024
Shan Seewooruthun
Our day with Mark aka "Nobby" could not have been better and is something that we will remember for years to come. To be able to get a true first hand insight into the world of the Special Forces and what is unquestionably a truly inspiring and fascinating career was amazing. The time then spent with the array of firearms and getting to shoot them was a absolutely amazing. Nobby took the time to show us all the functions of the weapons, explain where and why they are used and also the full safety precautions too. The shooting competitions at the end was a great way to end the day. If you are looking for the ultimate experience you will not be disappointed
Bespoke Firearms Course 16th March 2024
oliver hemsley
great fun and instructive as well. I would like to join the SBS but i’m too old! competitive element to shooting was an added bonus. I would recommend the course and Nobby who gave it.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th February 2024
Sophie Herrmann
Thanks so much for a really fun day!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th February 2024
Simon Parkinson
Thank you to Mark Nobby Knowles for a unique experience. Felt very privileged and humbled by the day. Very professional setup and I felt totally safe in the environment. If you get chance to do one of Marks courses please do not hesitate. Simon Parkinson
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd February 2024
Graham Moffitt
This event was in support of one of Marks charities. An excellent day from start to finish. Having only had limited exposure to firearms it was very informative with lots of hands on experience and tailored to our needs. Mark was thoroughly professional and made the experience a pleasure. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark and his services. The classroom’s & firing range are great facilities. Thank you Mark Nobby Knowles for a top day Graham Moffitt
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd February 2024
Dean Harris
Mark (KNobby) brings a wealth of personal experience and expertise to his training courses providing a bespoke days input for our small group. He was engaging and keen to understand our levels of firearm experience, plus what we wanted to get from the day. His methods of teaching cater for all sorts and he was able to improve everyone's technique with one to one coaching. On top of all that, Mark provided an insight into his personal background and the role of the UK Special Forces. Overall, a great day, both enjoyable and insightful.
Bespoke Firearms Course 23rd February 2024
Peter Allport
What a great course and instructor. I had not handled any weapons for many years but under Mark's instruction I soon became at ease. The safety side of thing's could not be done any better as every tiny detail has been taken into consideration. Mark's amazing career and knowledge are truly breath taking. Purely talking from a corporate background I found the whole day really motivating and aim to take some of Mark's enthusiasm and professionalism back into the business world with me. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a interest in firearms or the military plus team building in the business world.
Bespoke Firearms Course 23rd February 2024
Pete Davies
This was a difficult course for me as it takes me a long time to process information however once something is in my head it stays there. Nobby was a very engaging man whose life almost existed in a parallel world. His wealth of experience and knowledge is probably unsurpassed and I only scraped the surface. He's a good instructor and a man you'd want on your side when the going gets tough.
Bespoke Firearms Course 18th February 2024
Tim South
I thought I was attending a simple point and shoot social event, how wrong I was. Nobby has stories to tell that defy belief, a captivating narrative of decades in the service: Funny, sobering and absolutely extraordinary! After blowing my mind with his experiences he then gave a comprehensive day shooting training. I feel like I learnt a huge amount in a relatively short space of time, experienced a wide variety of rifles and improved my technique and weapons handling no end. Thanks Nobby and STS. Can't wait to come back.
Bespoke Firearms Course 10th February 2024
John Withers
A truly memorable day. This course gave a wonderful insight into special forces. There was incredible instruction into weapons safety and weapons handling and marksmanship to such a high standard. Anyone who undertakes this course will carry lifelong memories of how incredible our Special forces are. A brilliant day.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 10th February 2024