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Chris Ticehurst
A very enjoyable and informative well presented experience. I would highly recommend the courses
Special Forces Firearms Experience 28th August 2019
Robert Varey
Fantastic and very well presented course run by Mark. Made it very easy to understand the weapons I used which were the M4 and Ak47. I only had time to fit it in 1 day but his experience in teaching made it clear and understanding for me to now go onto my close protection course in a couple of weeks. Great job and would like to do more work soon.
Bespoke Firearms Course 26th August 2019
Mary Paxton
I was spellbound within the first hour listening to ‘Nobby’s’ personal experiences with the SBS etc, and the course just went from strength to strength. ‘Nobby’ was very easy and interesting to talk to, and everything we needed was well catered for. I learnt more on this 1 day course, than I have in my 1 years experience with gun handling, and am already checking the calendar to see when I can go again!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th August 2019
Joseph De Michele
What an eye opener we booked this course because we wanted to learn more about handling firearms safely and didn't want another shooting gallery experience IE pay your money and pull the trigger Mark’s knowledge experience and practical demonstrations are amazing the day flew past and we left wanting more. We will be back thanks Mark for a brilliant day
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd August 2019
Gurpreet Sehmi
This has to be one of the best experiences I've ever had. The training from Mark 'Nobby' Knowles was second to none. He has the most brilliant training techniques, matched with a patient, caring and supportive persona to help the most amateur of shooters (me). The training was fully comprehensive, from understanding the anatomy of a weapon, appreciating its actual, and tailored function, and practicing the best way to position yourself and the weapon to achieve a targeted shot. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in shooting techniques, and being spoilt rotten by Nobby (who also catered amazingly to my dietary needs). Thank you for an amazing experience.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 20th August 2019
Ciaran Merrigan
Amazing experience. Not your standard - here's a gun, fire away and hope for the best. Really got to understand the weapons and how they work, including taking it apart, testing it afterwards and then safe usage. The marksmanship training was exceptional and really improved my accuracy in a very short time.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 19th August 2019
Colin Campbell
Mark ‘Nobby’ Knowles is an accomplished teacher and excellent host. The experience is demanding and excels at skills development. It is also a unique respite from the humdrum of daily life.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 18th August 2019
Gary Welsh
An enjoyable and interesting day from start to finish. Beginning with Marks account of his exceptional military career to an explanation of the weapons we'd be using through to NSPs and then live firing. All this was done in a relaxing, welcoming ( and patient ! ) manner but also very professional and efficient. All in all this was a day well spent, I learnt a lot from it and am already making plans to attend another course !
Special Forces Firearms Experience 7th August 2019
Eric Chan
Mark provided us with an intensive 2 day course on the M4 platform. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable and hats off to him for bringing 4 of us up to speed on safe handling and basic marksmanship in such a short space of time even with the added difficulty of a language barrier with one of the students.
Bespoke Firearms Course 23rd July 2019
Zhonghuan Xie
I had my first training course completed with Mark back to 2 years ago when I knew he was the professional instructor you could find in the country. This year we are planning to join DSEI exhibition with our M4 relevant products which requires all our attending staff members to have good knowledge about M4 weapon system, Mark was the first instructor I could think of for this task. I brought three members to this course on last weekend, and the end of course our goal achieved. We are quite confident to say we have good knowledge about M4 and know how to handle it well now. Definitely will come back again for future courses.
Bespoke Firearms Course 22nd July 2019
Mark surpassed my expectations in every way. It was a wonderful experience and Mark's knowledge and teaching methods are second to none. I can thoroughly recommend STS for any firearms training need. Thanks again Mark!
Bespoke Firearms Course 15th July 2019
Miles R
The instruction, flexibility and experience was excellent. After previous UK based Bespoke Firearms Courses this course delivered the next step and level of training we were after. One to one training that addresses every aspect of shooting tailored to your requirements. As always, the focus is on safety, proficiency and effectiveness whilst providing instruction on a variety of weapons systems. Everything from the travel arrangements, accommodation and hospitality was excellent. We will be booking another trip.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 20th May 2019
Mike Edwards
This is my third trip to France. The training was superb. Intense concentration on pistol skills with amazing one on one training from a master of the art. The admin was as always brilliant and the accomodation and range facilities faultless. We also managed to get a few runs in as well which helped to ease the aching joints at the end of the day. The feast on the final night was magnificent as always. Lots of homework to do before my next visit . I heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants to be able to handle weapons and achieve excellent reproducible results. Highly enjoyable and many thanks. I will, of course, be back.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 8th May 2019
Peter Fitzgerald
very much enjoyed my course. I learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much. Mark Knowles is a great instructor and I hope to return to do more at some point.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 27th April 2019
Lubka Hallam
My husband, my 13 year old son and myself (all of us complete firearms novices) had the immense privilege to meet Mark “Nobby” Knowles MSM, QCB and get an insight into his professional career, learn about a number of firearms and of course having various opportunities to try them by way of shooting from different positions on a stationary target. Nobby was by our side all day - giving superb instructions both in the classroom (also using presentations) and on the firing range. He had his eye on us at all times ensuring his instructions are carried out and thus ensuring everyones safety. The live firing experience was fun, relaxed and safe. Nobby’s hospitality skills has to be given a mention too. Plenty of refreshments throughout the day, lovely choice of sandwiches and perfect organisation of everything. In summary, we all had a SUPERB day. We were truly inspired by Nobby’s career and felt extremely thankful to all those army/special forces guys out there who put themselves through unbelievably tough (physically and mentally) situations to be there to protect all of us. I also think that their families deserve a special mention and thank you for the supportive role they play in enabling the army guys to go and carry out their job. Nobby is a legend and we hope our paths will cross again. THANK YOU!!!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd April 2019
Mark Wood
I attended the course with some work colleagues & we were instructed by Mark "Nobby" Knowles, who gave us an excellent history of his amazing career. The whole day was fantastic in terms of the instruction, focus on safety & improvements seen for all of us under Mark's instruction. A superb day & it was a privilege to meet Nobby
Special Forces Firearms Experience 17th April 2019
Kelly Borchers
Training was absolutely outstanding!! Mark knows his business and is a very skilled instructor! I flew in all the way from Japan and it was well worth the jet lag!!! I hope to return ASAP!!!
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th April 2019
Rob Doody
Spent the day with 3 work colleagues and Nobby. What a great experience learning about the special forces, about Nobby‘s career and about how to use weaponary safely and effectively. Loved it.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 13th April 2019
Miles R
We have just completed a 2-day pistol course which was a continuation from an introduction course we did last year. Mark’s teaching methods as well as structure of the courses are designed to build competence and confidence fast through a safety-first approach. Each element of the course supports the next, building knowledge and ability concurrently. We are booked in for further courses this year, without doubt 5-star rating!
Bespoke Firearms Course 21st March 2019
Scott Bennett
The experience and knowledge of Mark is unquestionable and his delivery was well paced and easy to follow. The basic fundamentals of pistol shooting was taught using Airsoft pistols, which replicate the real steal counterparts. The techniques shown, when followed correctly, resulted in bullseye accuracy. In fact I have adopted the stance in my rifle shooting and my accuracy has improved so the system works. Mark is attentive, patient and has a relaxed teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The only negative was the lack of range time. I simply wanted more.
5th March 2019
David Loftus
I received many years of weapons training whilst in the military, and went on to complete several basic, to advanced level courses whilst working in the private security sector. I’ve had excellent instructors in the past with diverse backgrounds ranging from simple civvy street NRA, to active and retired SF personnel. I was never an expert, far from it, but I believed that I retained safe working proficiency, through repetition and range days. However, in the past four years my career focus changed and I became preoccupied with studies and gaining experience in another profession. With new qualifications and the looming potential for a return to the private security sector, I required competencies on specific weapon systems. I fully expected a loss of technique, muscle-memory and discipline, so I needed to address severe skill-fade. I specifically needed a return to military level proficiency and wanted to find a suitable SF level instructor with the patience of a saint. Tall order I know! I knew our friend Google wasn’t one to be trusted, so I asked several trusty contacts to come up with some recommendations and nearly all directed me to STS. Upon learning the background of Mark Knowles, I knew I had the right instructor. I consulted with Mark who did some vetting whilst reviewing my requirements, a short time later he agreed to design and deliver a bespoke course. The welcoming introduction, presentation, course location, facilities and equipment was impressive. The course timetable was well planned out and enabled Mark to assess my strengths and weaknesses. Despite expected errors, I found myself learning fast. Mark has exceptional method of instruction and spotted every flaw and mistake as I made them, this enabled Mark to iron out the creases, and he did a lot of ironing! One of the most important things I came away with was improved marksmanship and focus. Mark found subtle flaws and worked hard to ensure I maintained accurate technique despite expected fatigue. After a day of training most of us want to switch the brain off, but this is when Mark pushed me the most which resulted in a better training outcomes. I came away with everything I wanted from the course and can’t thank Mark enough. I fully intend on using STS for all future training.
Bespoke Firearms Course 1st March 2019
Victor Ptak
I asked Mark Knowles of STS to provide a course of tuition in pistol safety and weapons handling, he more then exceeded my expectations. Mark is a highly experienced tutor whose emphasis on safety is of the highest quality his knowledge of the correct use of grip, stance and aiming technique is unsurpassed a highly informative and well spent few days. I will be returning for more tuition .
Bespoke Firearms Course 26th February 2019
Darren Rendall
an excellent opportunity to learn from such a wealth of knowledge and experience that Mark has gained and perfected in his 33 years of UKSF, the delivery of the course and the assistance and attention given is outstanding, I have bought home a whole new skill set that has stayed well in my mind, I will keep practicing and demonstrate my improvements on the next course that I book. looking forward to applying my new skills at my HOA club
24th February 2019
AJ Finch
I took my 3 sons, ages 11 - 16 with me on the course, and all of us learned lots and had a great time. We were all stretched, especially mentally. Mark was welcoming and extremely patient (really, really patient). I am so glad that my boys have had a safe, authoritative introduction to real firearms, and I believe this will serve them well. I have no hesitation in recommending the course to ... almost anyone, really ... but especially if you would like to learn what it is like to handle a real firearm in a safe environment.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd February 2019
Jenny Coote
I signed up for this course with a couple of friends (fellow firearms novices) to try something new and also use the experience to add some realism into my writing. I didn't realise that shooting would prove so addictive - am itching to have another go and improve my marksmanship skills. Our instructor, Nobby, was brilliant - he looked after us very well, was thorough in his explanations (and patient!!), always with an emphasis on safety. I didn't at any time feel like I was in danger (from myself or fellow attendees!). It was very interesting and inspiring to hear the story of his military career. All in all, a brilliant day that I would recommend to anyone.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 22nd February 2019