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Billy Daniels
I attended a Maritime Firearm Competency course with Shooting Training Solutions, which was a one day intensive course in Sherborne, Dorset. The content and standard of instruction was far greater than I had imagined. The course was very informative with a lot of quality time spent learning about and handling different types of weapons. The indoor range tuition and live firing was excellent and the competency, knowledge and professionalism shown by the instructor was outstanding. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable, well organised and worthwhile course. Well done STS and I look forward to my refresher course next year.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st March 2014
Graham MacCallum
I contacted Mark, in a bit of a rush due to a fast ball tasking, at the time of calling him he had no courses available, he was kind enough to add a bespoke course to facilitate myself and another also on the same task. I had attended the MFCC a year before so I knew what to expect, and also knew it wasn't going to be a "tick in the box day", but this also gives worth to the certificate you gain at the end of it. Yes a chap failed due to safety reasons but in this industry how many realistic chances do you get while being unsafe! The tempo to the day was just right, after each learning phase we had time to digest the information before being assessed and moving on to the next weapon system. I can not claim to be a weapons guru, but Mark installs a user confidence with each weapons system which is what you want at the end of the day. I would recommend this course to anyone In the maritime security industry as you are briefed on the new legislation and brought up to date with current industry information which is a must for any serious contractor.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st March 2014
Prem Rai
This is really a good course, delivered in a professional and skillful manner. It is an absolutely brilliant course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st March 2014
Nicky Cox
A very good well structured & instructed course covering a mulitude of weapon systems. Marks (Nobbys) knowledge on these and many other weapon systems if fantastic, Over 30 years of experience and it shows ! I would recommend this course to anyone who is already in the industry and dosen´t want to get left on the shelf or any newbies ,value for your hard earned money !
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st March 2014
Nigel Hawkes
A very good training day with ample instruction and excellent presentation. Mark's instruction was very indepth on many different weapon systems showing his subject knowledge.Booking and receiving Joining instructions was very simple and prompt. An enjoyable day with good value.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 28th February 2014
Martin Slator
From my initial review of the company web site and subsequent enquiries via e-mail to receiving the certificate a couple of days after completion of the one day course, STS showed an extremely professional approach to business and the instructors conduct of the course on the day was excellent. The instructors initial introduction certainly proved his credentials and these were very ably demonstrated throughout the day, there was no BS, no flannel and no waste of time making this course good value for money. There was a wide range of weapons available to handle and fire, all of which are currently in use in the Maritime Security industry and the weapon handling drills taught were such that they would work on any of these with minimul adaptation. By far the main driver during training is safety. Students are therefore given as much time (within reason) as they need, in order to familiarise themselves with the various weapon systems used before pass or fail tests are taken and the basic and scenario shoots on the range are applicable and clear. The only minus point on this course is the lack of full bore shooting but this is amply made up for with the amount of smaller calibre rounds available. A very compitent and well run course, the instructor certainly ensures that the successful student is thoroughly practiced and proficient and able to confidently deploy.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 28th February 2014
Jamie Gibbons
Very useful and thorough. Anybody who attends this course will not be disappointed.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 28th February 2014
John Brown
Was good to learn about the weapons u will use well working in the industry and also to fire them as well was very good and u not going on transit not knowing how to use them and mark knows his stuff so enjoyed the course very much
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 25th February 2014
Damian Pitman
I attended the Maritime firearms comp course in october 2011 at the tunnel, dorset. The location its self was being used by the british shooting team so give you a good idea of the standard of the facility. The course is run by ex SF and was well presented. not sure if it was good value for money as it was nearly £500 for one day.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd January 2014
Richard Greenhalgh
An excellent course with plenty of instruction on weapons utilised within the maritime security industry. excellent instruction provided by Nobby obvioisly showing his vast experience. Highly recommended course
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 11th June 2013
Jonathan Lovell
When I needed to review the course syllabus for up to date knowledge and complete package I was more than happy with this
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 11th June 2013