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It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Having listened to the Governments four phase route out of lockdown at least we all have something to look forward to. I stress these phases are due to change if the scientific data is not good and we can only plan so far ahead if each phase is allowed to progress. So to that end STS have decided that in the interest of the clients safety, being allowed to travel legally, booking overnight accommodation and for you to feel confident everything has been put in place for you to enjoy your experiences with me, we will be looking at opening up from the 17th May 2021.

For those who have booked courses from January to May 2021 each one of you will be contacted to reschedule a date at your convenience. For those of you thinking of booking a course, we are open for enquiries and taking bookings for the whole of 2021. If you are interested, please get in touch via the contact page, or give me a ring. Please allow plenty of time when thinking of booking a course as I am extremely busy catching up on courses delayed by the pandemic and with New and Old clients wanting to continue their training.

Your safety is paramount as we have proved by successfully running courses when allowed under the previous restrictions and the decision we have taken to open a little later than most will allow us to have everything in place, making sure you feel confident to attend is utmost in our thought process. Over the next few months we will be keeping a close eye on the situation and updating everyone who has booked a course with me. Thank you again for you continued support, understanding and patience. Your safety is paramount, keep safe, keep smiling and I hope to meet you soon.

Shooting Training Solutions courses are open to anyone, whether you are a keen enthusiast, a beginner, aspiring actor or would like to learn more about firearms. We have trained people as far a field as Australia, Cayman Islands, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and the Netherlands. The training is conducted in a warm and inviting location under the watchful eye of a very experienced trainer. Shooting Training Solutions will make your experience enjoyable, fun filled and memorable.

MK “Nobby” Director of Shooting Training Solutions is the sole instructor on the firearms training courses run by Shooting Training Solutions. Mark has some 33 years of military service in UK Special Forces and the Royal Marines.

His operational service stretches from the Falklands war in 1982, to serving in every major conflict since, including 4 tours of Afghanistan. MK served for 5 years as the chief instructor of the Special Boat Service and 2 years as the senior SBS instructor at 22 SAS.

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Shooting Training Solutions continues to improve training standards.

Shooting Training Solutions are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. We now continue to improve training standards so clients go away feeling confident, safe and competent.

Shooting Training Solutions was the first and only firearms training establishment to have been awarded this most exacting of quality standards and led the way in quality training.

STS commitment to safety and quality has been a constant feature of STS training and we are continuing to implement better standards and quality control for the courses we run.  STS continually monitor and manage quality across our business and identify and implement improvements.

STS commitment to these quality standards is proof to both our private customers and corporate clients that they can have absolute confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the courses that we deliver.

You are a valued client and it is  hoped that you will acknowledge that Shooting Training Solutions continues to represent the best firearms training in the UK today.

As an established training provider Shooting Training Solutions hope it shows to you, our valued customers, we are constantly improving, updating and giving to you the best training we can supply.

Shooting Training Solutions


A random selection of our testimonials. For more look at our testimonial page
Mike Edwards | The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience | 7th May 2018

Back for my second trip away. Exteremely efficient course admin. Beautifully comfortable exclusive accomodation in a French village. Nobby is a Cordon Bleu chef. Monkfish and fillet steaks cooked to perfection with delicious wines. With regards to the couse itself an incredible 3 days on the range with full bore weapon systems. Primary and secondary weapons, tactics and movement with a huge emphasis on safety and attention to detail that only Nobby could provide. Built up to a climactic final day of full on action. This training by an expert instructor is second to none and I thoroughly recommend it . Range facilities are brilliant with an incredible range of weapon systems and Mark and Julie were excellent hosts. Your Al Fresco Lunches were excellent Mark. We relaxed in the evenings with a long cool beer or three and finished up with a gourmet feast at a local restaurant that might compare to the Manoir au Quat' Saisons. I personally could not have managed even a Wafer thin min... Read more
James Mazzoni-Dalton | Maritime Firearms Competency Course | 26th May 2014

The training was very informative throughout and professionally conducted. It has given me renewed confidantes in my ability as a professional maritime security operator and team leader and allowed me to pressure test and hone my firearms skills. Nobby was knowledgeable, helpful and delivered an enjoyable training experience catering for all learning styles. I will recommend this course to my co-workers and consider this to be the best firearms course I have ever attended in the UK whilst being fantastic value for money.
Peter Fitzgerald | | 3rd August 2018

I attended the ‘1 day pistol firearms’ course with Shooting training solutions, I found their instructing to be extremely helpful and learned. I improved both my marksmanship and my overall understanding of principles and shooting and cannot rate them highly enough!
Steve Shields | Bespoke Firearms Course | 4th September 2018

I went to Shooting Training Solutions looking to get a refresher in my NSP drills on different weapon systems and maybe receive some extra knowledge. Instead, I got so much more than that in the solid 2-day Bespoke training course over the weekend. Nobby was welcoming, extremely informative, courteous, patient, good humored, firm and fair and a very good instructor that has skill for working with people who come from all different backgrounds, levels of knowledge in the area of firearms. He breaks it down into simple, straight-forward drills that aid with the learning process. His many years of experience in the forces are clearly evident throughout the course. I arrived on this course as a civilian working in the support sector of film and television, having some background with firearms and their related NSP drills. This experience and the application of drills has now progressed and advanced in leaps and bounds since being trained, receiving the instructions from Nobby and apply... Read more
Jaden Thompson | Bespoke Firearms Course | 23rd February 2016

I had a 2 day firearms course bespoked for me by Mark "Nobby" Knowles of Shooting Training Solutions as my intention is to eventually go back into the armed forces this year as a reservist. My Father was 22nd SAS Regiment so naturally I am biased and chose Nobby for his SBS/SAS Background. I can say without any hesitation or doubt that this is by far the most thorough and professional firearms instructor and course in the entire United Kingdom. I have always believed that quality matters so I commend STS to anyone wanting to increase their firearms skills regardless of their industry and I look forward to going back and training with STS every 6 months to get the most I can from Mr Knowles incredible experience amassed over his career in the Special Forces. A full 5 stars from me ! Mr J Thompson API.SAC
Paul Bevan | Bespoke Firearms Course | 3rd June 2016

I had never handled any firearms before and Mark provided a safe and professional environment for me to learn the basics of handling some well known weapons. (M16, AK 47 and Bolt Action Rifle) Very enjoyable and highly recommended.
Ryan Sandercock | Maritime Firearms Refresher Course | 6th October 2015

This one day course is very benifical with a very high level of tutoring throughout, at a steady pace with suficant breaks thought the day. Highly recommended for the looking to refresh there skills and drills.
Justine Fleischner | Bespoke Firearms Course | 20th December 2018

I've previously received weapon safety and shooting training, but never experienced anything like this. Mark was incredibly knowledgable if not a bit tough and insisted on breaking all old habits, instilling confidence and capability in the process. His shooting training was excellent and he quickly realized I am left eye dominant, which no previous shooting instructor had identified. He has an outstanding variety of weapons to learn on and we had a great time on the course.
George Rankin | Bespoke Firearms Course | 5th January 2018

I spent two days with Mark, running through absolutely everything I need to know about the SA80, this was invaluable to me as it will help me in my future career, Marks knowledge of the subject was exceptional and was able to explain everything very, very well, I would highly recommend a course of any kind with such a skilled instructor.
Del Bourne | Bespoke Firearms Course | 24th April 2016

We found the course very informative and useful enabling us the skills we require. Thanks to Mark

Our Firearms and Shooting Training Courses

This course is open to anyone. If you are looking for firearms training in anti poaching, acting, film set extras, expeditions or just interested in being trained on firearms, I will design a course for you 

Your dedicated instructor will create a package to suit your individual objectives either as part of a small group (no more than 4 people) or on a one to one training basis with exclusive range use.

You will learn from scratch all about the safety side of handling these weapons, understand how they work and function before getting in depth training on the drills and skills you need to operate them correctly and safely.

It will be challaging, fun, exhilarating and rewarding and you will go away feeling you want more.

If this is what you are after, drop me an e-mail or give me a call and I will be happy to take up the challenge.

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If you would like a course arranged please contact us.
29th AprilFully Booked
1st MayFully Booked
6th MayFully Booked
8th MayFully Booked
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22nd MayFully Booked
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12th JuneFully Booked
17th JuneFully Booked
19th JuneFully Booked
24th JuneFully Booked
26th JuneFully Booked
3rd JulyFully Booked
6th JulyFully Booked
8th JulyFully Booked
13th JulyFully Booked
15th JulyFully Booked
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27th JulyFully Booked
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2nd AugustFully Booked
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12th AugustFully Booked
14th AugustFully Booked
2nd SeptemberFully Booked
22nd OctoberFully Booked

This Ultimate Special Forces European Experience package is unique and has an all-inclusive price, your every need will be catered for.

It is open to anyone regardless to firearms experience. Your host and instructor is a a former Special Boat Service Operative MK (Nobby) Director of Shooting Training Solutions who will arrange everything and accompany you for the whole experience in Europe.

It is open to individuals who would like a one to one experience or a group of up to 4 participants. You have a number of options open to you either a 1-day live firing (3 days in total option) 2-day live firing (4 days in total option) or a 3-day live firing (5 days in total option) experience learning how to safely use AK74's, M4's, Scorpian machine guns, H&K MP5's and pistols.  

If this is what you are looking for and you want to learn in a safe and welcoming environment give me a ring and I will arrange everything for you.

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There are no courses currently available.
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Are you looking for an insight into the Special Forces and want to experience handling and firing weapon systems used in a safe and welcoming atmosphere?

This is the experience for you then. Based in the UK, this one day Special Forces Experience is designed for individuals or up to 4 participants. You will taught the safety aspects and marksmanship principles before getting your hands on AK74's, M16's and various other weapons. You will be taught how to safely handle them, strip and assemble and carry out the correct drills when operating them, before live firing later in the day.   

The day will be hosted and run by MK (Nobby) Director of Shooting Training Solutions who will give you an insight to his 33 years career in the Special Forces and be your instructor throughout.

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24th AprilFully Booked
25th AprilFully Booked
28th MayFully Booked
11th AugustFully Booked
18th SeptemberFully Booked

For those of you who are unaware of the UK Firearms regulations you cannot fire 9mm pistols in the UK. STS offer two packages where you can learn all about Pistol handling and become proficient and safe with the weapons.


The first is a one-day course based in the UK and is designed to develop the skills of those who wish to learn how to use a pistol as a primary firearm. We cover all the safety aspects, workings of the weapon, function tests and correct grip and hold before shooting on a range with high powered BB Glock 17 and SIG 226 pistols out to 15m. This will give you a good insight to all pistol techniques and a platform to build on. 


The second course we offer is a full-bore 9mm pistol shooting course in Europe. I will arrange to take you either individually or as a group to Europe on an all-inclusive trip. The participants will have sole occupancy of a range to undertake this course with an array of pistols and myself instructing you for the whole duration.

If required you will travel to an airport the night before and stay in a hotel with all meals provided. If no hotel is required as we try to get decent timings for your flight, you will travel down on the date of departure to park your car at the airport car park. You will then check in and proceed to the priority lounge and relax. On arrival you will be met and taken to a five bedroom house where you will have sole occupancy, all your meals, drinks and needs will be met.  

Pistol shooting is an art on its own. It takes time and effort to be able to engage targets out to 50m using the correct techniques with both your strong and weak arm. One handed pistol is essential  and has to be practiced. You will practice these skills and this will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with a higher degree of accuracy and increase your confidence with your weapon. I will endevor to get you to the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) pistol firearms standard with the time allocated and show you that with good instruction and coaching you can in a very short time become proficient safe and accurate with a pistol.  


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23rd AprilFully Booked
25th AprilFully Booked
5th JulyFully Booked
4th AugustFully Booked

Enjoy a very Bespoke and personal experience with your very own instructor. If you are just curious how to hit clay targets travelling at speed towards you, would like to improve you shooting ability, a complete beginner or want to organise a group day out Shooting Training Solutions will provide you with your very own highly skilled professional instructor either on a one to one basis or for a small group of people.

Do not worry if you have never fired a shotgun before, we will teach you in a very safe environment and make the day enjoyable for all participating.

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There are no courses currently available.
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MK “Nobby” Director of Shooting Training Solutions is the sole instructor on the Firearms training courses run by Shooting Training Solutions. Mark has some 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces and the Royal Marines.

His operational service stretches from the Falklands war in 1982, to serving in every major conflict since, including 4 tours of Afghanistan. MK served for 5 years as the chief instructor of the Special Boat Service and 2 years as the senior SBS instructor at 22 SAS.

He will host and take you through your personally designed, unique Corporate Firearms Package.


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If you would like a course arranged please contact us.
31st MayFully Booked
28th JuneFully Booked
19th JulyFully Booked
23rd AugustFully Booked
25th OctoberFully Booked
13th DecemberFully Booked

This course has grown in popularity since its introduction by STS for potential Police firearms officers to attend before they undertake their Police firearms course. 

Here at STS we are proud of our very high pass rate from clients who have attended our course and continued on to aspire to be police firearms officers.

Each course will be designed specifically for you as different Police forces use different firearms. It will give you the confidence and reassurance that you will be able to handle the firearms safely and correctly, allowing you to concentrate on the other aspects of the course you have to assimilate.

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There are no courses currently available.
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This course teaches and brings security contractors up to date with the weapon systems that are currently being used within this industry. It also supplies a certificate to confirm you are safe and competent with weapons to gain contracts you are actively searching.

This 2-day course is designed in order to obtain the above. The course will teach safe competent drills with an easy to understand teach philosophy that will give you confidence and ability with any weapon after completing the course.

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There are no courses currently available.
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Most expeditions to Polar regions or to countries around the world where you would want to be armed for your own protection require you to demonstrate you are safe and competent before issuing a firearms for that trip. The Police in various counties ask for a certificate of competency with firearms before issuing you a license or renewing one.

STS Firearms Competency Course and certificate are recognised by a number of organisations and Police forces in the UK.  

The aim of this course is to introduce new clients to firearms and to refresh those who may be returning to the sport to ensure a level of competence. This one/two day course aims to take clients through the relevant safe handling and safe shooting requirements to meet the standards relating to public safety and the Police.

The course combines a training room based input with practical experience on the range with various weapon systems.

Over the years we have worked with a large number of individuals who are going on expeditions, renewing or trying to obtain a firearms license and all of them have returned home after the course better informed, safer and more knowledgeable about all aspects of firearms handling. 


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There are no courses currently available.
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View feedback from those who’ve completed the course

All live firing training is conducted in .22 Rimfire Semi-Automatic Rifles or simulated Pistols due to UK legislation.