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Denise Mullan
What an intense week! This bespoke course has been designed to reach and teach people of all abilities. My main objective was to understand the world in which my colleagues operate, I have been taught that and much much more. This course has made me realise the risks and dangers that are out there, not just in areas of conflict, but also in our day to day living. If you want to be taught and guided by the 'best of the best', look no further, because if I can do it, anyone can. Many many thanks to both instructors.
Bespoke Firearms Course 30th August 2020
James Kingston
I enjoyed my day of pistol training with Mark immensely. The course covered all the basics in superb detail and the shooting was tailored to my individual circumstances. I hope to do more shooting with Mark in the near future and would highly recommend this course to anyone with a personal or professional interest in firearms training.
Bespoke Firearms Course 25th August 2020
James Hilton
This is the second course I have taken with STS, and I will be taking more. Mark is a consummate professional and an outstanding teacher. If you are looking for finest firearms instructor in the country, you’ve found him.
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th August 2020
Iona Oliphant
What an experience! I went into this course with 0 background of fire arms and Mark designed a two day course for me. I didn’t have much of an idea of what I was going into but was blown away with what I came out with. Mark was incredibly patient with me when I struggled to click with some of the drills but still very upbeat. His knowledge was fascinating and the content and amount I learnt from him I was speechless about, couldn’t recommend this enough and I am really looking forward to my next course with him. Thank you!
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th August 2020
Nick Brown
Wow, fantastic time spent with Mark, his training methods are top notch! I went from no firearms knowledge to being able to strip and re-assemble a weapon blind fold in under a day! Thoroughly recommended for everyone. Nick
Bespoke Firearms Course 8th August 2020
Jaron Barnes
From start to finish Mark 'KNobby' Knowles has shown absolute professionalism. From first contact, to the final email with my certificate. The course was run at a pace that I believe was tailored for my ability to understand and retain the information being given allowing me the opportunity to process and absorb it. Mark's knowledge and experience is frankly breathtaking and I feel privileged to have had lessons from someone with such a exemplary background. I can only recommend that anyone, no matter what level you believe you're at - Mark will be able to teach you something, if not a lot. Thank you - I will be back for more lessons and hopefully some range work abroad.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th August 2020
James Guthrie
I thought I knew about guns before going on this course. How wrong was I? Before you get anywhere near a shooting range you have to be fully briefed on safe weapons handling. Sounds boring, but actually it isn't and once you understand that it is very rewarding. I came away with a new found respect for weapons and how they need to be handled. Mark was extremely affable and gave a really interesting insight into his past career. His instruction on the range allowed me to hone my limited skills and I've come away with a wealth of knoweledge that I can take to a shooting club. Thanks again Nobby for a throughly enjoyable day :-)
Special Forces Firearms Experience 4th March 2020
B Cook
This course is a great day experience. It’s really good starting point for someone looking to get into shooting, as a result it was perfect for me. Marksmanship isn’t the primary focus of the course, but it is covered and two days after attending the course I have that found my marksmanship has improved. Nobby is a very affable person, he takes you through everything clearly and calmly, there is absolutely zero stress. In terms of safety it is faultless. Nobby knows exactly where everyone is and what they are doing as he issues clear instructions and ensures all the exercises or drills are correctly executed. I would recommend the course to any shooting novice who wants to broaden their weapon handling and shooting experience or anyone just wants an enjoyable day experience in the company of someone who is world class in his respective field.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 3rd March 2020
Amélie Rossetti
I had been so much looking forward to attending this course and one main thing I can say is that this course succeeded in reaching all of my expectations and more! With a variety of attendees (more or less experienced), we all learned something and it challenged us all. I cannot thank enough our two instructors for their professionalism and their patience. Safety is the key word for this course!
Business Corporate Firearms Day 20th December 2019
Seema Rajapaksa
I had the pleasure of attending the FEAR course and being an absolute beginner to this, felt after the four days, I learnt so much. The course is intensive, both class-room and hands on; so a great way of learning and interacting with the subject matter. Both the trainers were professional, extremely knowledgeable about their respective subject areas and patient. This course has certainly built up my confidence and basic knowledge.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 18th December 2019
The key to this course is focussed attention to detail: the critical element to working safely and effectively in the proximity of firearms and explosives. If you want to learn every variant of SIG pistol ever manufactured and be an armchair firearms expert, pick another course (though I've no doubt the instructors know them all). If you want to start from scratch and be confidently, meticulously prepared for fundamental weapon documentation and handling activities, this is the course for you. Likewise if you've been working with or in proximity to weapons for some time, and want to have your learned incompetence comprehensively and graciously unpicked, this is also the course for you. Very highly recommended.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 17th December 2019
James Bevan
The methods used in this course derive from 40 years of SF experience and an equivalent dose of C-IED and ammunition technical expertise. I cannot imagine anything beating it. The course is perfectly balanced to deliver skills training in the safest and most effective way. Participants who put in the effort—and it’s appropriately tough—should expect to leave the course streets ahead of when they started. Whatever level of experience you have, the FEAR course will take you to another level of understanding: both of your own limitations and where you need to go to improve.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 17th December 2019
Mihai Serban
My wife and I received this training as a gift. Because we live in Germany, we landed on Gatwick airport, and drove to Sherborne. The area is very nice, quiet and people very friendly. Although the city is small you can choose from a variety of accommodations and very nice restaurants. As instructed, we arrived at the location 15 minutes before 9 a.m. and Mark welcomed us with coffee and tea. We started with introducing ourselves first, being somewhat distracted by the firearms carefully positioned in the training room. For us it was the first contact with such weapons, so it was a good introduction in what was about to follow. After me and my wife told Mark what we do and what we expect from the day, it was his turn to tell us something about himself. What followed was a presentation of his activity starting from the early days, which turned out to be a combination of war and history movie, the main difference being the fact that the main character was standing near you. A collection of personal photos and videos projected on the wall together with his story telling made us hold our breaths and stop blinking multiple times. After some time we started to discuss the theory of firearms, and about safety. We realized later during the day how important safety is for Mark. After that we went to the shooting range, where there were 2 tables with one firearm on each. We learned to assemble and disassemble them, always keeping in mind safety. During the second part of the day, after we had a nice lunch prepared by Mark, we applied what we thought we learned. We realized the feeling is different when holding a loaded weapon, but Mark was patient enough, and we went through the steps multiple times until we got it right. What followed was the real shooting, where Mark trained us on multiple aspects from holding the weapon to always hitting the target. We used two different firearms, and I don’t remember how many magazines, but I can tell there were many, because we had to reload them ourselves. The training ended in the afternoon, shortly before 4 p.m.. From my point of view everyone who wants to get a first contact with firearms should take such training, because it always focuses on safety. After that day, I look at firearms in a different way, understanding the risks and knowing what I should do, but, more importantly, what I shouldn’t do in the matter of weapons. After we said goodbye to Mark, we ended our day in a nice restaurant after visiting the local shops. It’s worth being mentioned, because I didn’t see this many local shops as I saw in Sherborne. Thank you Nobby, it was a great day.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 17th November 2019
Thomas Multon
Mark is a very patient and understanding instructor. Out of the two days I had with him he has taught me to handle firearms in a safe manner while correctly handling them. He has helped me to expand my love of shooting and I would be happy to be taught by him again.
Bespoke Firearms Course 16th November 2019
Michael Hornung
I have been to a few ranges around the world but this experience was head and shoulders above anything that I have seen before both in content, safety and the experience of the instructor. The morning flew by listening to Mark "Nobby" Knowles' 33 years of special forces experiences and we could have gone all day asking questions. The handling and safety drills were superb with Nobby managing to instill military discipline in such a friendly way that you never felt stupid even if you got it wrong. The shooting was excellent with Nobby managing to coax the best out even the most wayward shot. A perfect day out for any group - kids or adults.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 5th November 2019
Henry Leach
The FEAR course provides a hands-on practical introduction to the basics of firearms, explosive theory, conventional ammunition recognition and IED tactics and means of deployment. The instructor to student ratio was 2 to 4 providing an intense but highly effective learning environment. This coupled with the fact that both instructors have approximately 50 years of experience between them in explosive ordnance disposal, counter IED and special operations makes this a highly valuable course.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 4th November 2019
Guillermo Muradas
Mark has a outstanding knowledge and his teaching skills are fantastic. I had a one to one course with him as I was struggling to have a proper handle to hold a pistol. After the morning presentation we went down to the range where I could put in practice all the theory I've learned earlier and with his clear commands and explanation when you do something wrong, I've managed to increase my confidence and get the shots to the target accurately. I was very tired at the end of the day, but I don't regret any minute spent with Mark. The knowledge and confidence I have now with just a one day course with him is priceless. I absolute recommend this course, you will not regret it. Thank you very much Mark for your time and to share your experience which for me is extraordinary and I'm proud of you and feel privileged to have the opportunity to have you as a instructor. G
2nd November 2019
Alex Garcia
I mean "crash course" in the best possible sense. Our group was mixed; some with previous military and de-mining experience while others had no such relevant experience. The training was extremely valuable for all regardless of prior experience (or lack thereof). The instructors were both knowledgeable (quite an understatement) and skilled at communicating the material to students eager to learn. Highly recommended for those with a genuine desire to improve their skills and understanding.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 1st November 2019
Rob Perkins
I recently attended a five-day bespoke course as part of my work for an organisation that documents weapons, ammunition, and related materiel that has been recovered from armed actors in conflict environments. This course, run by two instructors with unparalleled experience and exceptional knowledge, provided myself and my colleagues with a thorough grounding in how to safely conduct ourselves around potentially unsafe weapons, ammunition, or IED components. The course was a well-designed balance of theory and practical hands-on drills. As someone who had no prior experience with handling weapons, I found the pace and detail of the course to be extremely well-structured. The drills in safe-weapon handling in particular steadily ramped up the transition from directed repetition to confident and careful self-sufficiency. I can highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn from a world-class instructor.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 31st October 2019
Chris Natale
received several days' training, followed by a practical exam, from STS-instructor Mark "Nobby" Knowles, as mandated by my organisation prior to deployments to document small arms flows in conflict-affected environments. The course was detailled and challenging, with a good balance of classroom instruction and hands-on practical drills and coaching. Nobby brings his military specialist background to bear as an instructor, but his methods, with an emphasis on safe and confident handling of different types of weapons, are effective for people from all walks of life. I would definitely recommend and look forward to doing further training sessions with Shooting Training Solutions.
Business Corporate Firearms Day 31st October 2019
James Hilton
Mark runs a first class operation. He effortlessly translates his extraordinary service record and experience into an actionable, understandable and intensive educational course. After completing your due diligence and reading reviews, you always hope for the best when booking something like this. Most times the experience meets expectation, sometimes it falls short, this though has been one of only a few times where my expectations have been far exceeded. If you’re looking for firearms instruction, there is no one better.
Bespoke Firearms Course 18th October 2019
Richard Zirps
This truly is the ULTIMATE bespoke and excellent safe weapons handling course with 100% one-on-one all round instructions and hassle free organisation and service in well run high standard facilities. It´s an intense but super gratifying experience. The whole experience is totally hassle free, the training an shooting is testing but very satisfying, it´s hard work but also relaxing at the same time as Nobby and the chaps on the range are super nice and fun - great company! The fact of having the range and the house for exclusive use for the 5 day course ensures one can shoot various weapons systems not available the UK combined with maximum relaxation and the chance to ask Nobby all the questions you ever wanted to ask relating to weapons & experiences. Overall an incredible experience and coming away a much more proficient shooter and safe weapons handler. I will go back!
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 13th October 2019
Angus Brewer
A perfect combination for an enjoyable excursion. The content of the talk in the morning is astonishing, fascinating, eye opening even. The shooting in the afternoon hits all the right buttons, it is informative, relaxed and enjoyable with a competitive edge.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 30th September 2019
Ben Huda
Nobby has put together a fantastic day. Its a great balance of hearing about the grit required to be a special forces operator whilst also learning about firearms in a safe environment and naturally some shooting. I highly recommend.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 4th September 2019
Jenny Grey
The day started with a review of the instructor Nobby’s extensive experience, which was both inspiring and served to reinforce respect for every bit of advice he gave. We then learned about the mechanics of the weapons and then about taking apart and reassembling one. After lunch we were on to the range and that was excellent fun even as safety and respect for the weapons was paramount. A fantastic day.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 2nd September 2019