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Dan Smith
Spend two days with Mark, went through everything needed to know. Fantastic teacher, highly knowledgeable, skilled and professional. Was keen to return back for day two, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I finished the two day course with more understanding, awareness and confidence. I would highly recommend Mark. Great guy!
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th August 2018
Peter Fitzgerald
I attended the ‘1 day pistol firearms’ course with Shooting training solutions, I found their instructing to be extremely helpful and learned. I improved both my marksmanship and my overall understanding of principles and shooting and cannot rate them highly enough!
3rd August 2018
Christian Stanley
Mark Nobby Knowles, is an amazingly qualified instructor with an unrivalled CV and pedigree that is both impressive and humbling. He ran an amazingly informative course where you came away having learnt loads but also it made you realise how much more there is to it all. The course is delivered in a Highly professional way at a comfortable pace with exposure to an interesting range of weapons that you really get to learn about. Nobby is a great communicator and the perfect host ...... Many thanks Again ..... Awesome! christian Stanley
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 16th July 2018
Adrian De Courcey
I thoroughly enjoyed the Ultimate Special Forces Firearms Experience course organised by Shooting Training Solutions. The course was very well organised in every way from travel arrangements, accommodation, food, course content and the instructor. Mark Knowles is a consummate professional with detailed knowledge of the weapon systems. Both Mark's knowledge, experience and instruction were excellent and very much appreciated. As a complete novice I left the course with a far greater understanding of and respect for the weapon systems used. I learnt a huge amount in just two days. Overall, it was an excellent experience with an outstanding instructor. I'm very happy to recommend this course, Mark and Shooting Training Solutions.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 11th July 2018
Daniel Caen
This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Mark was a fantastic host who made sure that we well fed and watered. The accommodation was wonderful, the hosting of Mark was greatly appreciated by the 4 of us as it was a well needed break. Marks knowledge is 2nd to none. Having been shooting at ranges in Las Vegas and South Africa I had never realized just how crazy it was that they will hand you a fully loaded automatic weapon and not show you how to use it. Mark taught me a new respect for the weapons themselves and an even greater respect for those service men/women that put their safety on the line for all of us. The shooting experience itself was by far the best shooting experience I have had. We had free use of the range for the whole day and I went from not being to able to hit a barn door to getting 20 out of 20 from distance with a sub machine gun. Mark is a great teacher who teaches you everything there is to know about each weapon and takes your safety very seriously. This is a perfect course for absolutely anyone, I had clients with me who were complete novices and I still think that they are smiling now.
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 11th July 2018
Tim Arnold
I attended this course as a complete novice. Under the watchful and very experienced eye of our instructor Mark Knowles, I finished the course with a far greater knowledge of a whole range of weapons systems, than I could ever have expected. The in depth training covered how the equipment functioned, how it was broken down and re-assembled and obviously how to use it correctly and safely. The quality of the accommodation, the staff and facilities at the firing range were outstanding. Coupled with an insight into the life of a Special Forces Soldier with a long and hugely impressive military record behind him (who was also the most unbelievable cook and host); this course is one experience that will treasure for a very long time and would recommend to anyone, complete novice or someone with previous weapons experience. Looking forward to booking up another trip with Mark in the not too distant future! Thank you! Tim Arnold
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 9th July 2018
O McNally
Mark is a highly knowledgeable and informative instructor, whose professional approach and experience comes through immediately. With an emphasis on safe handling and understanding of the weapon systems on the course, I found considerable and immediate improvement in both my ability to handle the weapon and my shooting. This course is perfect for complete newcomers to a range environment, as well as those looking to further an existing skill, with an importance placed on fundamentals and safety. The only issue is that with such a storied career in the armed forces, one day is not enough to hear about it all from Mark!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 1st July 2018
I never write reviews but the past couple of days have been superb. Nobby provides an excellent service, from the first contact, with clear & concise comms and an excellent, safe, relaxed and well run course. His experience and knowledge shine through. Nobbys teaching style is calm & relaxed. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or are a complete novice, the course will teach you how to become safe, competent and get a great grouping. We arrived late on Friday evening and stayed at the Kings Arms in Charlton Horethorne, which is about 4 miles from the training site. I would highly recommend the hotel. As you would expect Nobbys directions to the course location were perfect. He met us with a big smile and a warm handshake. After the obligatory admin the course began in. Safety, safety, safety is the key, however your natural nervousness will quickly overcome by Nobbys calm, methodical teaching. The course itself covers all aspects of safe weapons handling and marksmanship principals to ensure once you get on the range you are competent, safe and with a little coaching can achieve an accurate grouping. The location of the the course in Sherborne is superb, what a beautiful town, great little ice cream place, just the ticket to cool down after day one. No matter if you need certification for working in the industry, just want to brush up on your skills, want to train with a great instructor with decades of SF experience or just want to handle and fire iconic weapons systems in a competant and safe way, Nobby can put a course together for you.Cant wait to book a longer course at Nobbys French location to fire full bore.
Bespoke Firearms Course 25th June 2018
Apparicio Junior
2 days bespoke handling weapons, first day of techniques and regulations, safety procedures....a lot of safety procedures. Second day action with all of the safety procedures learned. Its impressive that the course brings you to a level of confidence and knowledge around the guns. I will for sure do another round of the course. Thanks Mark “Nobby” your experience makes your instruction top level.
Bespoke Firearms Course 22nd June 2018
Allen Sangines-Krause
Nobby is an exceptional trainer. His focus on safety is extremely important. The experience goes beyond just shooting a variety of full bore assault rifles, submachine guns and pistols and learning how to handle them properly and safely; it also gives the student an appreciation of the difficulty of accurate firing. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and left me with s strong desire to come back for more. This is the second course I tale with Nobby and will definitely be back for a third time.
Bespoke Firearms Course 20th June 2018
Matt Madden
Genuinely enjoyed the MFCC run by Mark 'Nobbie' Knowles. Great training environment and facilities, the tuition was excellent. Would highly recommend!
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 11th June 2018
Miles R
We chose STS due to Mr. Knowles’s experience and background in Special Forces. Mr. Knowles’s immense experience was clearly evident in the training we received. The instruction was clear, concise, effective and fun building from a safety-first founding principle. Each topic was understandable despite having no previous firearms experience. I recommend STS without hesitation and I am looking forward to booking more courses in the future.
10th June 2018
Miles R
I chose STS due to Mr. Knowles’s background in Special Forces. Mr. Knowles’s immense experience was clearly evident in the training we received. The instruction was clear, concise, effective and fun building from a safety-first founding principle. Each topic was understandable despite having no previous firearms experience. I recommend STS without hesitation and I am looking forward to booking more courses in the future.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 10th June 2018
Charikleia (Hara) Topa
I have only the best things to say about the training I got from Shooting Training Solutions. From the first time I talked to him and all through the training sessions, Mark was professional but friendly, making the training accessible and tailored to my needs. He was patient with me when I needed to repeat drills, and kind enough to provide information needed for my research. He explained everything in detail, and after completing the course I felt confident that I knew my drills, knew what to do in stoppages and had the kind of knowledge that gave me true understanding of weapon's handling instead of the common commercial 'pick up the gun and shoot' type of thing. I feel lucky that I met Mark as a person and a trainer. I can't wait to go back and learn more. I can't recommend the course enough.
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th June 2018
Tom Pitman
I thought it was a very fun and good experience with a lot of useful tips and an insight into the life in the special forces
Special Forces Firearms Experience 2nd June 2018
Howard Hughes
Nobby has a not only a vast experience of the use of weapons but also in training people like me. He acted with curtesy and patience at all times helping me to achieve my objectives. Safe and competent pistol handling and not dropping magazines out onto the floor, not keeping my finger too near the trigger when de-cocking, (ND) Plus hitting the target! Relates well to people with all sorts of backgrounds helping them to find a way through to personal success.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th May 2018
Mike Edwards
Back for my second trip away. Exteremely efficient course admin. Beautifully comfortable exclusive accomodation in a French village. Nobby is a Cordon Bleu chef. Monkfish and fillet steaks cooked to perfection with delicious wines. With regards to the couse itself an incredible 3 days on the range with full bore weapon systems. Primary and secondary weapons, tactics and movement with a huge emphasis on safety and attention to detail that only Nobby could provide. Built up to a climactic final day of full on action. This training by an expert instructor is second to none and I thoroughly recommend it . Range facilities are brilliant with an incredible range of weapon systems and Mark and Julie were excellent hosts. Your Al Fresco Lunches were excellent Mark. We relaxed in the evenings with a long cool beer or three and finished up with a gourmet feast at a local restaurant that might compare to the Manoir au Quat' Saisons. I personally could not have managed even a Wafer thin mint afterwards. I'll be back!!
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 7th May 2018
Ryan Brady
Had a great day with STS, Marks experience and calm demeanor makes for easy learning of skills whilst still having a good time. Will defiantly be doing some more courses with him. if Your going to learn might as well be from the best In the buisness.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 30th April 2018
Andy R
This course was informative, engaging and a lot of fun. Mark is an excellent teacher and I would strongly encourage others to try this course.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 30th April 2018
Stewart McKie
I enjoyed the weapons handling instruction provided by Mark and the live firing of both automatic and bolt-action weapons that we did at the indoor range near Sherborne school. Mark has had a truly amazing military career that he is justifiably proud of and is quite clearly a highly qualified and highly experienced instructor. There was a clear emphasis on safety in his range drills, which was a good job because after 40 years away from using a weapon, I needed drilling as my magazine filling was a little ropey and I shouted 'stoppage' a lot. Although we were shown how to strip a couple of weapons and practised this, don't worry, you won't be expected to actually clean them. From stripping an AK47 I now understand why they are such a popular weapon.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 14th April 2018
Sam Rawlins
Having just completed my course, I have walked away confident with weapons handling, drills and most importantly the safety aspects of firearms and the dangers that go with them. Mark tailors the training to your individual needs and is very patient with your learning progress. At no point in the course did I feel rushed or pressured, even when it took me more time to learn a specific thing I couldn't get right straight away. Mark builds on your own personal ability very well and binds his professional knowledge to bring the best out in you and your skills! And to add is a nice guy, there are many instructors who quite frankly I wouldn't want to spend two days with. I will continue to train with Mark and would recommend Shooting Training Solutions to anyone. Thank you
Bespoke Firearms Course 8th April 2018
Paul Smith
Location - easy access from London (2.5 hours) Accommodation Plenty of b+b within walking distance to training location Training area If your from a military background , you will feel at home Basic,functional,clean and meets the needs of the course Instructor I choose this company for my training based on the experience and Calibre of the instructor Mr Mark (Nobby)Knowles MSM QCB Mark,s training is first class and is reflected in the results I achieved on The 2 day course. Mark will not accept second best ,so drills will Run through until you have reached the required level I was privileged to have 1st class training with an instructor of the Highest calibre,and highly recommend this course.
Land Based Firearms Training Course 31st March 2018
Mat Swann
This was truly the best course in learning about different weapons, the safety, how to use them responsibly and all from someone who has the most incredible experience behind his teachings. Learning from Mark is without a doubt, learning from the best. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into shooting or weapons knowledge in any way.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 26th March 2018
Benjamin Rogers
The best thing I can say about Mark as a trainer is that he is so very patient. He puts you at ease instantly and enviroment is very relaxed which is exactly what you want from an instructor when learning to use a firearm, especially if you don't have a great deal of experience. That is not to say the course is not intensive. In the space of two days with Mark I feel like I've learnt more and developed more than I ever have before having had some previous experience training in the regular armed forces. It was also a privilege to meet Mark and learn about his career and ask him questions, very humbling. Already booked another ciurse. Can't recommend these courses enough if you want to prepare for army or police training in particular.
Bespoke Firearms Course 24th March 2018
Professional & really down to earth guy. Could not have asked for a better day! Worth every penny. Fantastic intro course on safe handling of weapons & firing. Left me wanting more, can't wait to go back.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th March 2018