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Beck's Boston
I really enjoyed my two days course, Mk (KNobby) was very helpful with everything. Even suggesting accommodation as I travelled from London. Mark (KNobby) Knowles has so much experience and I felt very lucky to be taught by such a skilled professional. I'm not going to lie, it was quite challenging at times, maintaining all the information on Day 1 was tiring and I felt quite overwhelmed. I studied that evening, determined to come back the next day feeling like I had absorbed it. I enjoyed the course a lot more when I started to break everything down and understand what Mk (KNobby) was teaching me I was really happy with what I achieved and how I coped under the pressure of remembering the different drills. I couldn't have achieved my certificate without really applying my concentration and having such a brilliant expert teaching me. Thank you Mark (KNobby) Knowles for your patience and for working me so hard. I feel its been a great confidence booster and I will arrange another course soon to improve on the skills I learnt and obtain knew knowledge. Beck's
Bespoke Firearms Course 21st April 2017
William Douglas
For the second year running I am in no doubt that this is definitely the best ran course I've completed during the five years I've been in maritime security. Combining a great mixture of tuition, practice and testing, Nobby, who is an excellent instructor covers all the relevant points related to firearms in the industry and gives a very good insight to the legal points not usually discussed. Using a superb range of well maintained weapons in an excellent training environment with the highest level of instruction I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to do an excellent course at a great price - So once agin many thanks Mr Knowles . . . See you next year
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 12th April 2017
Paul Davies
A very enjoyable and informative course conducted by a very knowledgeable instructor. The small course numbers means that all the relevant weapons systems are covered and drills completed to the required standard.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th April 2017
Terry Walker
This was my second course with Nobby who delivered a tailor made day for my sons 9th Birthday. Nobby brought the very best out of my son as he introduced him to a safety brief with firearms, then onto some really enjoyable marksmanship principles, sight alignment and even had him stripping an MP4 to understand the functionality of firearms. Safety, Familiarisation, nsp's and ia driills understood we went onto the range to experience and fire 5 diferent weapons systems. Whilst safety remains paramount with firearms it was non the less great fun for my son and I who showed me he had a new competitive streak emerging Under expert tuition my sons markmanship principles and skill had grown to the extent that I was quite concerned going into the competition to end an amazing day on the range. A top day with a consummate professional that not only has the skill to train and motivate senior forces professionals but has the humour, and ability to bring out the very best from a young man and deliver a father son day that will stay with my boy for the rest of his life.. Many thanks Nobby Terry & Reece
Bespoke Firearms Course 3rd April 2017
Gary Rooke
Top class instructor with extensive knowledge of the security circuit, tatical trauma and weapon systems. Great training in a nice and welcoming environment. Throughly enjoyed my day and learnt a lot from Mark. Would recommend this course to everyone!
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 3rd April 2017
Christopher Carney
first time I have attend this course run by Mark, None As Nobby and from what I heard out on the net. he is a down to Earth person who will go that extra mile to make sure you are happy before going though the test and I would recommend this course to anyone who is intrested in doing any fire arms courses or any refesher course cheers Mark for today and see you again Next year.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 3rd April 2017
Danny Higgins
Excellent course provided by a very experienced and competent instructor, Mark. He is patient and methodical. Marks methods and knowledge are second to none and you will not find a better instructor. I learnt so much during the course and felt confident in what I had learnt during the day. I highly, highly recommend this course and I will use Mark again in any further training I require in the future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th March 2017
Andrew Cowlard
Great course well set out and will be back next year thank you Mark
Land Based Firearms Training Course 9th March 2017
Sean Taylor
An absolutely incredible course with an exceptional delivery from one of the UKSF Chief instructors. Mark tailored my 2 day Bespoke Firearms Course for my specific needs giving me the knowledge, understanding on how to fully operate different weapon systems. It it quite easy for me to say that I have learnt more from Mark in 2 days on the Bespoke Firearms Course than I did from my 4.5 Years of service with the British Army. His training is methods and course conducts are at the highest level imaginable Marks skill level speaks massive volumes with his 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces you will NOT find better training elsewhere. The value for money is fantastic and the skills you will learn will be with you for life. I will definitely be going back to see Mark very soon in the near future for more training, I can't wait. All I can say is thank you mark for an exceptional course and to anyone reading. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Bespoke Firearms Course 7th March 2017
Sean Taylor
An absolutely incredible course with an exceptional delivery from Mark "Nobby" Knowles. Mark has given me with a very in-depth training package allowing me the knowledge and understanding on how to operate different weapon systems. Marks 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces speaks massive volumes and it is very easy for me to say that I have learnt more from Mark on my 2 day bespoke firearms course than I did with my 4.5 years service with the British army I shall definitely be going back to see Mark for further and more advanced training as he is without doubt the best in the industry. The best value for money that you will ever find Cheers buddy see you soon
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th March 2017
Sean Taylor
An absolutely incredible Bespoke Firearms course with an exceptional and highest level of experienced instructor Mark "Nobby" Knowles delivers the best training you could ever imagine. It is quite easy for me to honestly say I have learnt more from Mark in 2 days on the Bespoke firearms course than I did from the 4.5 years of service in the army. I shall definitely be going back for more training from Mark as his 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces speaks massive volumes. Great value for money and thank you very much for the exceptional training Cheers Buddy
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th March 2017
I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve on their shooting skills, This is my 3rd time doing a firearms course with Shooting Solutions and I keep coming back not only due to the quality of training but 3 years in the maritime industry I have noticed that with an STS firearms certificate it is widely recognized by PMSC giving me a better chance of being accepted for contract work with various companies.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 6th March 2017
Susan Tobbell
My husband and I had this day course together, primarily driven by being supporters of the SBSA. We have previously had no firearms experience at all, but after just the day with Mark we had learnt a huge amount about both the Special Forces and their different firearms used for varying scenarios. Mark was personable, hugely experienced, absolutely spot on with health & safety and ran premises both fit for purpose and comfortable. The showing of some films was also very informative as was his on screen presentations. We enjoyed the practice shooting with the various weapons and became quite competitive with each other! Overall the day was very interesting, informative, great fun and we thoroughly enjoyed spending a day with someone so absolutely on top of his subject..
The Ultimate Special Forces European Experience 5th March 2017
Alasdair Macdonald
great to see my son get hands on experience with a highly qualified instructor and get to play with a few weapons I had long forgotten how to strip down.
Bespoke Firearms Course 21st February 2017
Paul Flynn
Excellent cours, I couldn't recommend it enough. Marks experience and knowledge really came through and the course was really enjoyable. worth every penny.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 20th February 2017
Tim Ford
This is my 3rd time with mark and it doesn't get much better ! A high level of instruction that you would be hard to find anywhere else in my opinion . You send emails , texts and you'll get a rapid response from him and when you complete the course you'll get the same aftercare , very efficient . Highly recommend !! Thanks again .
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 7th February 2017
Nigel Hawkes
Very good course. Good facilities with a wide range of weapons used and plenty of time and tuition on each weapon. Mark runs the course in a relaxed but professional manner, his knowledge and experience is evident throughout. Overall a very good refresher course, the day is well structured and enjoyable.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 7th February 2017
Ben Mace
I had no real firearms experience prior to booking on this course. I've only ever fired a pistol at a range in Thailand and done some clay pigeon shooting. With this in mind Mark structured the course to suit me and my lack of experience. Mark’s professionalism and knowledge was top notch. His friendly but firm attitude helped me to relax (a little bit) during all the strenuous drills. I’ve learnt so many new skills which I’m looking forward to putting into practise at my local shooting club, which I’ve recently joined. This course will help with your safety principles, knowledge of different weapons, Marksmanship principles and confidence. This is a demanding course that is both mentally and physically tough but it’s very rewarding. I will definitely be looking at booking on another course with Mark again in the future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th February 2017
Peter Johnstone
Very good day, professional instruction and firing on a variety of weapons, maximum hands on due to course attendance restricted to 4 students, highly recommended.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 17th January 2017
Mike Edwards
I was delighted with the progress made on this superb course. Five weapon systems in 2 days. Mark's universal approach to drills on a wide variety of different weapons makes for easy learning and developing confidence. Many thanks for your faultless professionalism Mark. Aiming to be considered for the ultimate SF firearms experience with Mark in due course.
Bespoke Firearms Course 16th January 2017
Alex Noakes
This is a great course taught by really good and knowledgeable instructor. Definitely the best out there.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 16th January 2017
Kieron Bridges
The course is very well constructed and the instructor is very competant. You are made welcome from the moment you walk through the door, until the time you walk out at the end of the course. I would highly recommend this provider and I would definitely use them again.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 11th January 2017
Merrill Charnock
With being a novice to firearms I did not know what to expect but Mark made me feel comfortable and was very patient a great teacher with his experience he made my 2 days enjoyable and coming away learnt a lot from him looking forward to going back soon to get more teaching.
Bespoke Firearms Course 9th January 2017
Neil Short
good course, clear instructions
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 9th January 2017
John Knowles
A well constructed course which was great value for money. I have used 2 other providers before but this course was hands down the best.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 12th December 2016