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Declan Lawn
As you would expect from someone of Mark's experience, the training and instruction were first class. The emphasis was on safety first. The course moves quickly and there is a lot to remember, so after just two days I feel like I learned a great deal, and it was really good to be able to put it all together on the range. The facilities were excellent also, and it all added up to a fantastic experience as well as an educational one. I'm looking forward to doing another course with Mark soon, and I would recommend this to anyone.
Bespoke Firearms Course 24th September 2016
Zak Dunnings
Great to see a course run where if you do not meet the required standard after all the in depth and progressive training you will not walk out with a certificate unlike other courses in the UK. Excellent course.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 13th September 2016
Alex J
This was my second time attending the STS Maritime Firearms Course, and I knew what to expect: Extremely worthwhile refresher keeping your weapon handling skills up to date. Interesting course content and also discussion about the current situation in our industry. Instruction is very detailed and thorough. I drove 5 hours each way to attend this course because I knew it was the best course available in the UK. Top notch sandwiches for lunch too.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 2nd September 2016
Andy Eaton
The training recieved was again to the highest of standards, Nobby is extremely professional and has vast knowledge of all subjects covered within the course. The course is extremely well run and would recommend STS to anyone thinking of doing a MFCC or refresher. Thanks again Nobby, see you in 2 years.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 31st August 2016
Biju Mathews
I undertook a bespoke course on fire arms for a total of 6 days . I have achieved a wealth of theoretical as well as practical knowledge on four different weapon systems. Mark's teaching methods are highly regarded among students for his calm yet firm determination to get students to an optimum / high level of standard within the civilian as well as military requirements. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is looking towards to any kind of training regarding firearms and related courses like special forces experience etc.
Bespoke Firearms Course 24th August 2016
Mike Edwards
The course admin was exemplary and the content and presentation was excellent. Mark took me well out of my comfort zone and then made me feel secure in it! His approach of total understanding of principles and practice enabled me to be functional under stress which id what weapons training is all about. The course left me keen to practise my new skills and gave me the thirst for more. I thoroughly recommend the course and Mark. Thank you so much.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th August 2016
Mike Edwards
The course covered contemporary assault weapons used in many theatres. Mark Knowles is an instructor of exceptional quality as one would expect with his notable background. The course admin was par excellence and his presentation skills were exemplary. He gently led me out of my comfort zone but by the time the course finished I felt confident and keen to learn more! Surgeon Commander Mike Edwards
Bespoke Firearms Course 12th August 2016
Si Bullard
I would strongly recommend Mark Knowles Firearms training to anyone who is looking to venture into the Security industry or if to refresh their firearms skills. Its provides excellent facility's, a training group no bigger than 4 personal and is instructed by a true professional who's CV talks for its self. A very enjoyable and educational day spent. Thumbs Up
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 6th August 2016
Joao Azevedo
Mark Knowels is at the top of his game. I have no experience what so ever with fire weapons and Mark never gave up on me. Learned a lot.Constantly applying the pressure and information I so much desired. Back soon. Thanks you.
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th August 2016
Tan Rauto
Training with Mark on the 2 day land base Firearms course on various weapons was better than none. Mark with his years of experience in the security industry really helps onto those, especially trying to get into CP Work out on Hostile Environment.The training really helps to bring my skills up to standard again and being competent on the use of various firearms. I would highly recommend Shooting Training Solutions for people looking to enhance their skills on different weapons mainly use in the CP line of duty.
Land Based Firearms Training Course 3rd August 2016
Daz W
A good day all-round, not only on the weapons and practical aspects of firearms handling but touching on legality, current affairs and insider knowledge from around the security world. Every time I require a refresher I look about for better courses but there isn't anything coming close on content or cost.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 1st August 2016
Joe Hamilton
This is the 4th time that I've attended STS course. I come back because it's a good course. The instruction is 2nd to none and it's great to get hands on the different weapon systems. I thoroughly recommend the course, which I already have and I will see you again next year. Cheers for a great refresher course. Joe
Bespoke Firearms Course 29th July 2016
Andrew Powell
An excellent course, Mark has a wealth of knowledge and combined with his professional approach and teaching style gives a great learning environment.
Bespoke Firearms Course 26th July 2016
Alasdair Baker
Mark ran a superb two day training course which was designed to cover key refresher skills. It demonstrated just how much you have forgotten and how much you still have to learn. A very well taught course with a logical progression to all aspects of the training, which only comes from an individual with vast relevant experience. A busy, focused course which was highly enjoyable and surpassed expectations.
Bespoke Firearms Course 26th July 2016
Tim Vincent
Once again the admin, course instruction and format were excellent - I wouldn't expect any less from Nobby. The course structure logically follows from updates regarding the industry (some which we don't hear on the water) through clear, safe weapon handling procedures and maintenance onto the shoot with quality marksmanship principle advice. The stance including stoppage drills was a good beasting and got everyone working hard through their individual stoppages. Once again I came away feeling confident that I had learnt new things, improved my drills and am sure Ill be back next year - excellent course and excellent value for money.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 8th July 2016
Paul Cutcliffe
Really enjoyed my course with Mark. His wealth of knowledge, in harms way experience and his calm, easy to understand and patient training methods have left me confident in weapon safety and handling. The venue is perfect and Marks hospitality is second to none, along with his professionalism. He is the real deal. I will be back for my next session soon. Thank you Mark.
Bespoke Firearms Course 2nd July 2016
Biju Mathews
I have been in the army for just about 7 and 1/2 years and I can vouch for the fact the training I received excels far beyond any weapons training I've received. Mark's method of teaching is very effective. His calm demeanor and patience with the students makes learning easier .His many years of experience with SF definitely shows through his instruction and skill at arms. I am looking forwards to booking a few more lessons to come away fully trained and certified, in order to be a step ahead of my peers at work and I believe Mark's courses would accelerate my career progression.
Bespoke Firearms Course 25th June 2016
Paul Waller
So Mark's training course is undoubtedly the best firearms training you'll get in the civilian world, from expert instruction based on decades of experience, course structure, equipment, facilities, attention to detail and most importantly the lessons are based and build around the student. I attended a 1:1 session over 2 days, struggled a little bit on day1, but due to Mark's relaxed teaching made good progress overcoming my own shortcomings, to become very confident in dealing with most scenarios Mark threw at me both in the classroom and on the range.
Bespoke Firearms Course 21st June 2016
David Linnell
If you pride yourself on doing things properly and look for your best personal results then Shooting Training Solutions is a no brainer they are without doubt second to none and they are also the only ISO 9001 UKAS Accredited. The course is very well delivered and easy to understand. I highly recommend Shooting Training Solutions for anyone looking for the Maritime Firearms Competency certification.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 20th June 2016
Terry Walker
Many thanks to MK "Nobby" for an exceptional days training. An ex-serving member of HM Forces my current job though not military related requires that I carry and use firearms in public places for Deer Management and Pest/Vermin Control The course gave me unrivaled tuition as part of my commitment to CPD covering Safety, Safe Weapon Handling, and Marksmanship Principles. The advice on breathing techniques saw my grouping reduced and the competition at the end brought the competitiveness out in my three colleagues also attending. A faultlessly delivered course run by an outstanding instructor which all four of us enjoyed immensely. Highly Recommend..
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th June 2016
Ian Booth
Mark designed a tailored 2-day course for me based on my very limited knowledge and experience with firearms. Mark adjusted the training and instruction based on my speed of comprehension and skill development. He also always provided context behind each drill which made becoming familiar and confident with the weapons easier. The course moved quickly and covered 3 weapons systems (M16, AK47, H&K) in the classroom and culminated with live drills using all 3 systems on the range. Based on Mark's experience and paramount focus on safety this course is accessible and invaluable to anyone looking to learn. I walked away feeling more confident and learning more than I expected and I look forward to arranging another course with Mark in the future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th June 2016
Dave E
This was my fourth time on the course, as always it was very well run and very informative. Nobby is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the maritime industry, he has a lot of information that we dont get to hear about on the water, some of it quite shocking. Its worth attending just for the information. The course now is an absolute bargain and having shopped around you wont get a better price anywhere, which is great with the wages constantly heading south.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 8th June 2016
Robin Creswell
It is a real privilege to be trained by someone of such extraordinary experience and competence. Training to handle a lethal weapon with live rounds requires a balance between gaining complete respect for the equipment and the effects it can have and keeping the day engaging and interesting. Mark achieved that and a great deal more. It was an exceptional day, shared in complete safety with my son (the better marksman !) Robin Creswell.
Bespoke Firearms Course 7th June 2016
Peter Wells
This was a 1 day, father and son course organised via my sons school. There were 6 people in total, so very personal. Mark introduced himself and gave us a small, but intriguing insight into his career ( I could have listened all day!). We then went onto the range and were shown how to breakdown and reassemble a weapon. Prior to doing any actual shooting we were given very specific instructions and drills with an emphasis on safety. The shooting itself was great and Mark introduced a small element of competition which made the day great fun. All in all , we both learned a lot ( from a low base) , and had a great father and son bonding day. couldnt recommend if highly enough.
Bespoke Firearms Course 6th June 2016
Michael Nockunas
Mark "Nobby" Knowles is a highly skilled professional who has dedicated his adult life to the military service of his country. If you are serious about receiveing the "Best" firearms training, by a seasoned professional then you need to look no further. Mark, I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge in so many areas as it pertains to commerical armed security within the Maritime Industry. Thank You for you friendship. Best Mike
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 6th June 2016