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Karl Neave
Having previously gained this certificate via another provider I was surprised at the fact I learned quite a lot from Mark in the opening hour. So at the end of the day I had taken away a lot of new and valuable information. Marks background speaks for itself and you know you are being taught by someone of the highest calibre. Great course, highly recommended.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 7th September 2015
Lasailakeba Batisele
The refresher course was very well presented.Nobby knows what he is doing. Learnt a few new things and brushed up on my shooting. Well done STS.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 7th September 2015
Gordon Birch
Excellent course,very well presented,excellent clear, concise and relevent instruction.Would recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain this qualification.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 6th September 2015
M Trick
I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking this bespoke weapons course with Mark, his knowledge and instructional ability surpassed my expectations, which gave me reassurance on the quality of training I was provided with. I am very happy in knowing that I have acquired new skills, which will aid me in my profession. I have already recommended Mark to work colleagues and look forward to completing another package with him in the future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th August 2015
Matt Dent
On completion of my second Maritime competancy course with STS I have again received firearms training of the highest standard delivered by subject matter expert Mark Knowles in a safe and logical manner. Marks clear knowledge and experience in the Maritime/security industry is clear to see. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 7th August 2015
Joshua Niebling
good confident training.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th August 2015
Tom Hutchinson
This course is ideal for those transitioning from the military into the civilian security industry. Weapon instruction on commonly encountered systems (M-16, AK47, G3, Sig and Glock) is second to none and instructor knowledge is absolutely first rate. The range phase is both challenging and enjoyable with plenty of scope for learning and for improving current skills.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th August 2015
Sakiasi Nasoi
Excellent Course. Very informative and priceless advise.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 2nd August 2015
Paul Goodman
Excellent course we'll instructed and the training was excellent will defiantly be going back
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 2nd August 2015
Stephen Hooper
An excellent course run by a quality Instructor.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st August 2015
Jan Adriaan Coetzee
Totally professional really enjoyed this course will recommend it to anyone in the Maritime industry A+
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 31st July 2015
First firearms course I did with Mark Knowles company and would go again. Course layout was simple and the way he feeds us the information was easy to understand. Would recommend to friends in the industry.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 26th July 2015
Lee Hingley
My second year completing this course and like last year the instructor Mark kNobby Knowles was as professional and as patient as ever. Unique subject matter knowledge. Mark is a man with a mountain ofvaluable information on the security industry as a whole. Lee h.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 12th July 2015
Matthew King
I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to get into maritime security. The instructor is extremely experienced, very well known and very reputable in the security industry. I am definitely returning to Shooting Training Solutions for my renewal.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 9th July 2015
Ryan Byrne
I recently attended the Firearms Competency Course with Shooting Training Solutions. It is an extremely well run course with a very knowledgeable instructor. Would highly recommend this course to anybody in maritime the security industry looking to complete a firearms competency course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st July 2015
Scott Osmond
Just completed the 'firearms competency course' in order to gain the necessary qualifications to work within the maritime industry. I can honestly say I learnt more today with various weapon systems than I did the 8 years I was in the corps And would feel fully competent in using any of the weapons if I was to come across them on any vessel. in my opinion this was solely down to the methodical approach the instructor (Nobby) taught us, his years of experience and vast knowledge of the weapon systems and the industry was hugely beneficial and would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to work within the maritime industry.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 30th June 2015
Would reccomend the course , but 1 day doesnt seem long enough, maybe it could be run over two.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 29th June 2015
John Baxter
What an outstanding course-great venue, I have considerable time working with firearms and learnt a lot-With great instruction from an absolute expert!, Mark (Nobby) will get the best from you in the day you attend his course, and his experience and skills shone out throughout the course too, I have attended another providers competency course and in comparison Nobby's has been the best out of the three I have attended,I will certainly be going back again-If you require to get the qualifications get in touch with Nobby-it really is that simple! Nobby Thanks again John Baxter
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd June 2015
Simon Short
This course is exellent I am a self employed builder with no military experience however I now feel comfortable safely handling all of the weapon systems that I had training on and have a more general sence of competency in this area now . The training is tailored and concise in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and I have learned more than I ever thought I would outside of the military I highly recommend this course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 21st June 2015
Michael Knowles
This course was a real eye opener for me and a great learning curve. (Nobby) will get the best out of you with great assistance, help and support. For the money you pay and the knowledge you gain on this course .... it's a no brainer to do it with STS. I'd recommend this course to anyone and I guarantee you'll be happy with out come. This now applies in all walks of life lol COCKER , LOCKER, SAFETY. Thank you Nobby for everything. 1st class. Mike knowles
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 21st June 2015
Simon Veitch
By far one of the best course I have ever done and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get into the security industry either cross protection or maritime security.The instructor on the course Mr Mark also known as Nobby is spot on and his there to make sure you are competent on all the weapons taught on the course.His teaching techniques are spot on and everyone on my course enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 14th June 2015
Aporosa Abosaukawa
Hi.ive just finished the Fire arms course.Was really enjoyable and intresting especially being exposed to various foreign weapons and being trained with it.And with the help of a very good instructor.I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of working in the maritime industry.Enjoyed the range package most.Goodwork guys.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 12th June 2015
Justin Kerley
Mark Knowles, is very enthusiastic and with his background a very professional instructor. Covering a wide variety of weapon systems and getting to fire majority of them down the range. Showing us every component and stripping the weapon down for daily cleaning he covers everything and more to make sure you're confident. Power point is kept to a minimum, giving the students plenty of time for hands on. Mark covers everything, including personal experience and knowledge on the industry, every question answered. Lunch, refreshments and plenty of brews. A DVD also handed out at the end of the course to help familiarize yourself prior to any deployment. Top bloke, many thanks.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 5th June 2015
Dave E
This was the 3rd course I have done with STS which says everything really, again excellent tuition both practical and theory. Nobby is just a fountain of knowledge when it comes to weapons and the maritime industry, some of it a bit scary at times especially some of the horror stories that he's heard over the years. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to refresh their original course, however if your original course was with one of the many tin pot companies out there you might be in for a shock, it is quite intensive at times and at a fast pace but with the excellent tuition I'm sure you will be fine.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 2nd June 2015
Stuart Cobb
3 years out of the Army, this was a steep learning curve to say the least but with the top of the range instructor Nobby at the helm I can now say I'm competent on the varients covered. By the numbers, COCKER LOCKER SAFETY. IT WORKS
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 31st May 2015