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Ben Turner
A very enjoyable course with a knowledgable and experienced instructor. Completed in a relaxed manner but to a very high standard, I now feel competent to use any weapons that I may come across in the Maritime Industry. Looking forward to returning in 12 months time to complete my refresher course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 2nd April 2014
Peter Johnstone
This is an excellently structured course that provides the student with the knowledge and hands on experience with the weapons they are likely to encounter in the maritime sector. I fully enjoyed my day and left with greater knowledge and confidence with all weapons taught throughout the day. There is a good balance between classroom work and hands on drills and firing of all weapons. This course is a must for anyone leaving the armed forces as it highlights the difference in drills between the military and civillian sectors.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st April 2014
Steven Trewinnard
It was evident from the start the vast amount of experience and factual knowledge that Nobby has on the weapons used on the course. This was all taught in an informal but professional manner, teaching essential skills to us that were practiced thoroughly to achieve a high standard. The tuition from Nobby was second to none and the course was extremely beneficial to all that attended and this is testament to his military background. The range work was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, again with Nobby passing on valued hints and tips to improve your shooting. There was a vast amount of different weapons to be fired from various positions to improve your own knowledge and capabilities. If you attend this course you will firstly get great value for money. Secondly you will realise how much you have forgotten about accurate shooting and lastly be taught by an experienced instructor with an admirable military career to back it up.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 1st April 2014
Ian Quinn
Once again I thought "here we go again just another same old duty attend course"....WRONG! This course was conducted professionally by Nobby who has vast experience in this field and delivered a fist rate firearms course. If you have not touched weapons for sometime don't worry as the way Nobby instructs he puts you at ease. Don't get me wrong if you mess up he will tell you and you won't make the same mistake twice. The course was well constructed, informative and we used a wide range of weapon systems with lots of hands on plus dry drills which got the old mind ticking on NSP's and stoppage drills. All in all a very well worthwhile course that anyone wishing to enter the maritime world should attend. I will certainly be going back for my refresher course knowing full well that there will be more skills I will pick up on the way. Excellent, worth the money and probably the best MFCC on the market. Well done Nobby keep up the hoofing work
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 30th March 2014
I don't usually put reviews, but this course is an exception, After 12 years in the corp and over a year having not touched a weapon, I was worried if my weapon drills, NSP's etc were either bit rusty or totally forgotten, I was suprised to find that the course was taught from the very basics to a professional standard in live firing on the range with loads of hands on practice before the range, It has fortified my confidence in handling weapons at any state, The Intructor (Nobby) was brilliant with vast experience in SF and has taught it in a way that even a slow learner like myself can now go out into the maritime security field with lot's of confidence that I can now handle any weapon with respect and knowledge of their machanics and history, I have learned alot of valuable things made simple in 1day with Nobby than 12 years of weapon handling drills made complicated in the Corp, and has now made me keen to do more range work if I get the chance, I would recommend lads I know to do this course. Thanks Nobby looking forward to my refresher course with you.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 30th March 2014
Stephen Boden
On completion of the booking form on-line, the joining instructions arrived automatically. They gave clear and precise details of: where the venue was located, how to get there from different directions. The joining instructions were as would be expected from a true professional in his field. I have had the privilage of using mark Knowels for a few years now and I believe that his standard and methods of instruction has reached a new level of excellence. adapting to any critisicm and capitalising on this for the benefit of all that pass through his courses. His years of experience with fire arms and the security industry are definatey not ben laid to pasture. He is what he is: A professional Many thanks Stephen
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 25th March 2014
Kevin Wemyss
This is my third year now doing this course and cannot fault it in any way. Instructor has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge and an excellent instruction technique for both the weapons drills and helping blokes get better groupings on the range. Aside from the actual firearms side he makes sure lads are aware of the law involved and how best to conduct yourself in the event of an incident. Excellent value for money and I would highly recommend this course as it's the only UK firearms course which is ISO9001 UKAS accredited.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 25th March 2014
Kris Kirk
A very enjoyable and informative course. Instruction is first class I would highly recommend to any new MSO.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 24th March 2014
Mark Perfect
I have used STS as a training provider for several years and the level of instruction is outstanding. I have not used any other training provider, why? Because I have seen some of the lads drills? Half the time you have to re-teach everything. I always recommended that for the next refresher course, STS. The drills on all weapon systems are clearly demonstrated, step by step with plenty of time to digest and get hands on with a clear end goal of being SAFE and Competant with the weapons systems. Well structured, presented and very professional. Thanks again. Regards Mark
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 23rd March 2014
Nicholas Stannard
I have completed this course for my third year running now and I would only do this course and would only recommend anyone is doing this course. Nobby's experience and background make this course by far the best. This course covers the legal side of thing'a a MSLO should be aware of too which is essential to know. Thank you Nobby, very happy indeed with course and see you March next year.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd March 2014
Andrew Walker
Execellent Course !!! Done Maritime fire arms course around the UK and without a doubt this was the best course that I have done.The experience and knowledge of the instructor was excellent, The skills taught and all other information throughout the course was Great . This course also is the only UK fire arms course which is ISO9001 UKAS accredited. I fully enjoyed this course and I can say that I came away and learnt alot and I will be returning next year. Thanks "Nobby"
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd March 2014
David Thorne
Very professional course, from the moment you enter the room at 07.30 you can see how the room is set out that you are in the hands of a professional guy. during the classroom tuition nothing is missed and the instructor does see everything even when he is not looking at you! Once we are in the range and on dry drills you don't realise but the tempo is being raised ready for the afterenoon session, after lunch we get kitted up and the tempo starts to increase and you have to be on your game as it is coming thick and fast at this stage and he is watching all four lads and shouting the orders at us. Great use of different weapons and shooting opposite hands. I have been on courses run by ex-SF guys and they are good but with Nobby you can tell he must of been one of the top guys in his unit.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 16th March 2014
Dave Barton
From start to finish the course was conducted in a professional and friendly manner. The tempo of the training given was relevant to the standard of the personnel attending, this increased during the day as standards improved. Throughout the whole day all aspects of instruction was faultless and necessary for the task we have to carry out. New weapons were introduced along with left handed drills and firing. Overall an excellent day and I have no hesitation in recommend it to any one in our area of work.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 12th March 2014
Tom S
EXCELLENT COURSE! This is the third Firearms training course I have done with Shooting Training Solutions and my second refresher course. The refresher is always welcomed, and is essential in keeping yourself up to date with the weapons/training within the ever changing maritime industry. Course instruction recieved is and has always been excellent. The instructor has vast experience and ample knowledge of the industry and much, much more. Shooting Training solutions clearly adapts and has changed/updated the refresher course in areas (as required) accordingly to meet with industry standards, security companies standards and with weapon systems. You can walk away from this course fully refreshed, up to date with weapon training/systems, making you a more professional, knowledgeable and comptent operator. I highly reccomend this course to individuals seeking or already working for security companies. I believe courses like this will help us set/maintain high standards within the industry. Cheers Nobby.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 11th March 2014
Marty Quinn
Complete value course from every angle. The facilities are as you would expect, exemplary. Nobby delivers exceptional instruction in a style whichever your background, is easily absorbed due to the unique training system delivered. Having not being consistently within the industry post leaving the military I found this course hugely beneficial throughout. Intense, yet confidence building quality instruction from arriving to departing. I would fully endorse and recommend this course. No matter which qualification you specialised in.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 10th March 2014
Gareth Cowley
An excellent course with an abundance of knowledge and experience. The course was relevant, professional and lawful. All of these points helped me to go away from the course competent in my abilities to conduct correct actions on a multitude of industry firearms with regards to firearm safety and drills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking at or already in the Maritime industry. The course also provide me with additional help/instructions on weapon SOP's to take away to reduce the risk of skill fade. An excellent course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 10th March 2014
Gordon Mellor
This was my second course with Shooting Training Solutions & again I thought the course was excellent. The instructor is very experienced ex special forces, so the instruction is first class. The course covers an array of weapons, which is ideal for Matitime Security as the Maritime companies use a lot of various weapons on the transits. This is the number one course for the Maritime Security Operattive.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 9th March 2014
Andy Lane
This was the 3rd course I have completed with STS limited. The instruction was of a high standard. A wide variety of weapons were made available to all personal on the course. The training provided was relevant to the industry. A very informative day delivered in a proffessional manner.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 8th March 2014
Tom Blakey
The Maritime Firearms Competency Course was a very professional, well presented course. The instructor was confident, knowledgeable and experienced, yet taught with a relaxed and approachable manner. Various weapon types were taught on the course and all were covered extensively. The live firing part of the course confirmed all the drills and skills taught during the first part of the course, in a challenging environment. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to work as a Maritime Security Operator.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 7th March 2014
John Gilpin
A well organised and well structured course with excellent instruction. The course also pitched at the correct level and at a testing yet appropriate tempo. //
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 5th March 2014
Lee Mentha
second time I have attended at shooting training solutions and both times have been astonishing in its tuition and the knowledge and skills gained each time I would highly recommend to anyone who requires firearms training. the knowledge and skills that Mark has passed on to me through his tuition have made me a more professional operator.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th March 2014
David Hughes
This course was far superior to any other Firearms courses I had attended. The Instructor "Mark" was outstanding, I learnt so much from him. I would recommend "Shooting Training Solutions" to anyone needing firearm training as I really can not fault the instructor, venue, course and weapons etc used. A Top All Round Course !!! Thanks Again Mark See you next Year !!! Dave H
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 4th March 2014
Dale Michael Edwards
Hoofing!!!! Completed the MFCC refresher in February 2014. I initialtlly completed this course in October 2011 not long after it was started and thought that it was excellent but rather expensivefor just 1 day. However, now with the renewed prices and new training location it is even better and to top it off now very good value for money.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th March 2014
Alastair Inglis
Extremely good instruction by Nobby with good resources that the law allow. Very refreshing to see a course supplier that will only pass his courses if they meet the required standard and not just after taking the money which helps ensure the industry reaches the caliber of operatives required. See you in 12 months! Cheers, Ali
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 3rd March 2014
Paul Cunningham
I have done both the Firearms Compency last year and now the refresher course today. I felt the level of instruction and professionalism was excellant and second to none. A large emphasis is put on safety which is good. I would highly recommend both these courses and feel my personal weapon handling skills have been sharpened up and I now have more confidence in weapon handling as a result. A brilliant course well done Nobby
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 1st March 2014