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Derren Mcgarvey
Having attended the course at STS on the 12/5/2014 I'm very happy to recommend this course because of the top quality instructor "kNobby" for his in depth knowlage of the weapons and his top quality methods of instruction.keep up the great work and I hope to see you next year for my refresher course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 14th May 2014
Ian Gosling
Excellent course, very professional and would recommend to anyone joining or currently working within the industry.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 13th May 2014
Alan Stewart
This course was by far the best course I have done to date within the Industry. The Instructor, Mr Mark Knowles, showed from the beginning that he was a subject matter expert on the weapon systems and bolstered this as the course progressed with TOP CLASS instructional technique and guidance throughout the day. There were also a few extras included in the course that I didnt expect to cover and I found these to be extremely valuable towards the bigger picture within the Industry. There was also top class instruction given on how to improve my marksmanship and better my professionalism within the Maritime Circuit. I travelled from the north of scotland to attend this course and I would recommend it to anyone as a "MUST DO" course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 12th May 2014
David Bennett
A pretty decent course run very well by Mark. Kept fairly lighthearted, but still professionally delivered. Having done 2 other courses elsewhere I feel this offers the best value for money and I also felt that I learned some new skills to enhance my marksmanship and some food for thought from a legal perspective. Many thanks.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 9th May 2014
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 8th May 2014
Max Oscroft
A very enjoyable course with a relaxed atmosphere, the instuctor Mr M Knowles has a skill and knowledge level second to none, he has a eye for detail, he also wants to impove drills and skills throught out the protection indusdry this is proven by the dvd he has made for different weapon systems which can only help in a positive manner for anyone in the idustry from TL to new people starting out
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 8th May 2014
Steve Guinchard
The above mentioned firewarms course was held in Dorset, the facilities were of a very high standard with many weapons for you to be trained on, the instructor Mark Knowles has many years of firearms training experience training people from different backgrounds, his knowledge and help along with his very calming manner made learning the various weapons very easy, he spends time with you to ensure that you are 100% competent with each and every weapons he is teaching you on, I would have no hesitation in recommending this course and Mark to anyone wishing to complete the Maritime Firearms course or refresher course. Thanks again for a great day.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th May 2014
Jim Sutton
I have completed Mark's course every year since it started and it has been constantly & consistently excellent. Small class sizes great facilities & range of weapons and most importantly the instructor is highly professional and knowelagebale on both the industry and the weapon systems. Highly recommend this course to anyone a pleasure as always. JTS.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th May 2014
Ste Robson
Shooting Training Solutions has to be the best competency course in the industry (and the only with ISO 9001 accreditation). The instructor has in depth knowledge and skill in all aspects of shooting and coaching and after a day of training at their indoor range you will leave the course a more competent operator with knowledge of several currently used weapon systems. Apart from the shooting, you will leave the course with a broader understanding of the maritime industry as a whole as the instructor pases on all the current information on the industry during the theory aspect of the course. All in all a good days practice with several weapons systems and a highly recomended training course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th May 2014
Adam Woolgar
I completed the Maritime Firearms Competency course run in Sherborne by Nobby on Friday 2nd May 2014. Firstly, I strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking of undertaking this course that they first complete the Familiarization course run by Nobby at the same location. I very naively thought I was ready to undertake the Competency course without this prior knowledge. The weapons and drills involved are often very different to the weapons used by the British Army. Simply being proficient with the SA80 is not a good enough stepping stone. After I completed the Familiarization course the day before, I felt more than ready to take on the Competency phase. As a general point, I now feel confident and competent with the weapons in question. The course was comprehensive and fun with a firm emphasis on safety. My main priority now is to build on and maintain my skills. Many thanks Nobby!
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th May 2014
Chris Swales
As most of you guys reading about this course will know, Nobby's courses are always of extremely professional and insightful. The course starts around 8 in the morning and starts with introductions to course and the reasons behind such courses existing. It is run for the right number of people, at 4 the instructor can give the right attention and teaching to all students. The course runs for around 8 hours and covers everything you need revision in, from marksmanship principles with lots of hands on with weapons, to all other considerations of the carriage of weapons and possible use of weapons in foreign waters. There is lots of hands on with a huge range of weapon systems used in the industry and lots of range time making this course a must for everyone. In industry where cap badges mean little anymore it's good to know that if the lads have done Nobby's course then they have a high standard of weapon drills and skills and a good background knowledge of the industry past, present and future. With a eye opening insight to the legal ramifications of your actions on the job. This is the third time I have done the course at STS and I have found every one enjoyable and essential for work in such an industry. You really do get what you pay for on these courses lads and Nobby's prices are very reasonable for what he teaches you. I can't recommend this course enough.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th May 2014
Terrance Malone
I like to point out that I did the firearms familiastion day aswell as the maritime firearms course. The training day and the competency day are excellent value for money and for the standerd of training. the standerd of training is by far the highest I've ever done and the way he teaches the course helps you pick it up quickly and a safe way to handle the weapons . So in summary I will be recommending this course to anyone who asks and I will only be doing my firearms training with shooting training solutions and It was well worth the drive down for me.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 3rd May 2014
Peni Veisugusugu
This one day course is one of the best course I have done. with the experiance and knowledge that Nobby has taught with a calm approachable manner.I would recommend this to anyone who like to do this course. cheers Nobby.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 29th April 2014
Henry Karsten
I would recommend this course to any future or current Maritime Security Operators. Fantastic knowledge and experience from the instructor. The venue is excellent and a good variety of weapons.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 25th April 2014
Michael Yianni
Having completed previous competency/refresher courses I have found STS has clearly taken on feedback and improved in several areas over the years. The day is relaxed with good short lectures that focus on relevant areas of firearms and RUF/ROE in the maritime industry. The hands on work on the range is well instructed and I have found the drills to stick and help build confidence in handling weapons which are not necessarily covered on the course. I find Nobby to be a likeable instructor and if it wasn't for the cost being steep for a one day course(but seemingly competitive in maritime courses) then I would happily recommend this course with no negative feedback.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 25th April 2014
John Mcloughlin
Great course with excellent coaching. Pitched at the right level, considering all abilities of the delegates. I would recomend this course to anyone thinking of a career in the Maritime Security Industry.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 24th April 2014
Simon Judge
A well structured and thought out course delivered at a good pace to ensure some operator pressure, while still maintaining the thorough instructional theme. Safety is paramount throughout Despite the weapons not being full bore. Despite this the marksmanship principles need to be applied rigorously. Nice work Nobby.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd April 2014
Nathan Whybrow
I completed this course just recently and was very happy with the content and facilities in Sherborne. If you have been out of the military for a few years, it's certainly worth doing as a refresher before you go out on task. On the course you cover a majority of weapons that you are likely to come across on the water. Nobby has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him, and is clearly a weapons specialist. There's a large emphasis on safety, which is paramount when working with 'civvies' and tankers full of flammable liquid. Also discussions throughout the day about the differences in law and what you should at least have an idea about as a MSO.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd April 2014
Peni Veisugusugu
This course is one of the best course I have done.Nobby's knowledge and experience he taught with a approachable and skills manner. I would recommend this course to anyone who hasn't got a Maritime Firearms competency. Cheers Nobby, see you next time.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd April 2014
James Marshall
I understand the need to have regulation in the industry however I do believe there are people jumping on the band wagon and cashing in on it. This of course will always happen. The course itself was run over a day. But half the day was filled with stocking fillers such as ROE/RUF and introduction to some foreign weapons. Although you still get charged for a full day and you are not trained on all weapons you may expect to see through out your transits. The course for the most part was safe and well run.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd April 2014
Ian John
I recently attended this course to attain my Competency in Maritime Firearms. I woud recommend this course to any future or current Maritime Operatives that require their ISO accredited Firearms Certificate. The course is very professional and intense, as I hadn't used any of the weapon systems before, but the manner in which the training is delivered makes a pass achievable. The course instructor has experience and knowledge, second to none, that gives you complete confidence in the Skills and Drills being taught, setting an environment which makes you want to learn and acquire the same compentency.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 21st April 2014
Dan G
An excellent course with full instruction on weapons utilised within the Maritime Security Sector. A very well structured and well organised course delivered in a professional and informative way. KNobby certainly ensures that the successful student is thoroughly practiced and proficient and able to confidently deploy on Task, this in turn ensuring the industry reaches the caliber of operatives required. KNobby was confident, knowledgeable, and his experience proved to be why Shooting Training Solutions is at the pinnacle of the shooting providers, and why it is recognised by all the major players within the maritime industry. I would highly recommend this course. DG
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 20th April 2014
Peni Veisugusugu
his one day course is one of the best course I have done.with the experience and knowledge that Nobby has taught with a calm and approachable manner.I would recommend this course to anyone who would to do the Maritime Firearms Competency. Cheers Nobby.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 18th April 2014
Kenneth Guest
Shooting Training Solutions offer former forces personal an opportunity to refresh perishable firearms skills. The range of course options are tailor made for maritime security deployment and very effectively conducted in a manner that former forces personnel will find familiar. Each course involves piracy background, developing trends, anecdotal insight to specific incidents, useful awareness guide on relevant legal issues, practical hands-on with a variety of weapon types, shooting theory and culminates on a range shoot. It is worth noting that Shooting Training Solutions continues to expand the range of endorsements from official bodies and leading Private Maritime Security Companies. As such, the course is rapidly becoming the one stop solution that ticks the most boxes.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 16th April 2014
Lee Hingley
Today I completed my Maritime Firearms Competency Course with Shooting Training Solutions Limited. The course was both informative and relevant to the Maritime Security Industry. The Instructor was exstremly professional and able to explain everything required in a simplistic manner that put me at ease from the off. In addition to which he had a proven highly successful and decrative Military career. I came away from the course feeling I had learned a number of things that will prove benificial in the future. Anyone looking to progress in a career in the Maritime Industry will benifit from this course. I would and will strongly reccomend Shooting Training Solutions Limited to anyone looking to do a Maritime Firearms Competency Course in the future. L.H
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 15th April 2014