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ross wheeler
For any guides working in the Arctic region, Mark provides the perfect firearms course. The experience Mark has is unquestionable and quite frankly incredible! Coupled with a vast amount of knowledge, Mark is a very good one to one trainer as he moves the course at the pace of the trainee and explains everything thoroughly. I had received firearms training as a guide three years ago, however, I feel that Marks training is by far the most comprehensive I have had to date (and has opened my eyes to many things that I had not been taught in the past). I would definitely recommend Mark to any guides working in the Arctic region or to anyone who requires similar bespoke firearms courses. I will certainly be contacting him again if I need to refresh my training at any point. Ross Wheeler, Cornwall, UK
Bespoke Firearms Course 7th June 2022
Léo Jarry
The course is a bespoke 5-day long annual training for staff working in the field. Mark proved once again that he is among the world's top instructors. He takes the time to carefully build muscle and brain memories. Not only will you drill in various scenarios, but you'll also learn and understand the reason and mechanics of every move you make around a weapon system. All of this in a short period of time, take that from a slow learner! Would absolutely recommend the investment to anyone who will operate weapon systems. Regardless of your level of training, Mark will adapt and make you better.
Bespoke Firearms Course 26th May 2022
Michelle G
I came to this course a novice. My main requirement was to be as safe a shot as possible. Mark showed endless patience in a calm and welcoming environment and matched my needs to the content of the course exactly. I found it challenging, but then that is the point of doing things isn't it. I look forward to building on my training with Mark and highly recommend him as an exceptional trainer.
Bespoke Firearms Course 11th May 2022
Peter Venables
An absolutely brilliant course and thoroughly enjoyable. Sherborne is a lovely setting and steeped in history. Mark took me through and described his extensive career, marksmanship principles and how to safely handle the weapon systems. It was insightful, informative and hands on. He took the time to give me some hints and tips that will only improve my shooting. Many thanks for a fab day. I hope to undertake more training with you in the future.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 30th April 2022
Richard Jones
A experience we will never forget. Me and my son and a truly outstanding day, Mark’s attention to detail and his presentation about his life was worth the journey on its own. Firing weapons and being guided by one the best is just a chance of lifetime . Thank you and can’t wait to get back down there Rich
Special Forces Firearms Experience 24th April 2022
Frank O'Callaghan
Four of us had an outstanding day with Nobby where we got to hear about his incredible life in the Special Forces. This was a real treat for us as he described his various roles, units and experiences and there was plenty of humour mixed in alongside the military detail. Nobby has a very pleasant way of instruction whilst also ensuring total safety and professionalism. Everyone was set at ease but understood what was required to remain safe. I can thoroughly recommend this experience and I am hopeful to revisit on another occasion in the future.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd April 2022
Gareth Lautenberg
I attended the Special forces Firearms experience on Saturday. Nobbys stories kept us completely engrossed for the first few hours. We then learnt all about specific weapons, how to use, dissemble and use safely. At which point we then got to shoot the weapons. Nobby was a great character and the whole day was brilliant from start to finish. I went with no real expectations but everything was exceeded and I would highly recommend the day to anyone
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd April 2022
Christopher Orkney
A day I will never forget! This hands down was one of the best experiences of my life. We arrived to the range on time as instructed and met with Nobby, what a gentleman really great character, straight up person which was great because to be honest didn't quite know what to expect. The first part of the day was one that I will never forget, we got the privilege of hearing about Nobbys career in the forces, if it was a movie I wouldn’t believe it was possible that a few people let alone one person could have had all of the experiences that he has, just hearing about it was such an honor. We then moved to the shooting, this was phenomenal, safety was paramount which put me at rest... Nobby also managed to put us at ease, which considering you are holding weapons designed to kill isn’t a small feat. Since the experience I’ve not been able to stop talking about how amazing this entire experience was. It may sound a little bit over dramatic but to be honest this day has changed the way that I look at my life, the “stresses” that I used to worry about have been put into perspective quite drastically so has made me a lot more comfortable with what I have to take on in my life. I can’t thank Nobby enough for this experience and look forward to meeting again for the next session. Kind regards, Chris
Special Forces Firearms Experience 23rd April 2022
Dudley Hooper
Excellent course and very knowledgeable instructor. The course has been approved by the Svalbard governing body and a permit to rent firearms has been issued. Thanks again. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Bespoke Firearms Course 20th April 2022
Chris N
This course was an excellent review of existing skills (from a previous course done in 2019) with new ones built atop those foundations. As his profile would suggest, Mark is a thorough and methodical instructor who switches things up to accommodate different learning styles and to keep the material lively even when repetition is required. The course was very rewarding and I look forward to the chance to apply the drills in the field.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th April 2022
Claudio Gramizzi
Very instructive and enriching experience, as usual. Grateful to the team of trainers for sharing their experience, their knowledge and - it has to be said - their patience.
Bespoke Firearms Course 4th April 2022
Matthias Kreithner
Good morning, I had an excellent training experience with Nobby for the day! He has plenty of experand can definitely bring everyone confidence with handling high caliber arms. Thanks again and 5 star service! Lunch which was provided was great too!
Bespoke Firearms Course 23rd March 2022
Stuart Napper
I’ve had a fantastic 2 day course on the AK74 and M4. If you’re going to pay for a course on this subject then you won’t find anyone with more experience to work with. Book it, you won’t regret it. I’ll be back for more.
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th March 2022
Filip Ghinea
I have had the pleasure to work with Mark on three separate occasions so far. His teaching style and enthusiasm are perfect for anyone interested in mastering any weapon systems. From normal safety procedures, assembly/disassembly, to drills, the bespoke course specifically prepared for my needs has been absolutely perfect. Looking forward to coming back!
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th March 2022
Joseph O'Connor
Excellent, enlightening and fun. Mark is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and professional. I recommend Mark and his course without reservation.
Bespoke Firearms Course 3rd March 2022
Excellent instructor with an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism. Someone to listen to and learn from.
Bespoke Firearms Course 25th February 2022
Kane O
Whether you are a beginner or a experienced firearms operative. Shooting Training Solutions is the place to learn to be a better, more responsible shooter. Mr Knowles’ experience comes through in his teaching practices. He instills confidence that you are learning the right way to handle and shoot your firearm. If you honestly are looking for a safe course to dive deeper into the knowledge of firearms and how they work, this is your place. Side Note: Mr.Knowles helped me Co-direct the trailer for my next project whilst on this course. I never knew he had such a broad set of skills when it came to videography! Thanks again Mr Knowles, I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Bespoke Firearms Course 5th February 2022
Elliot Donnelly
My third training course with MK and definitely the most enjoyable so far. Really in depth yet accessible, as always, and we're ironing out one weakness after another on the road to real firearms proficiency. The attention to detail, supreme patience, and incredible depth of knowledge and competency, make MK a truly effective teacher and mentor, so much more than just weapons instruction is imparted during these exhilarating and fascinating courses, and my shooting is improving by several orders of magnitude with each visit.
Bespoke Firearms Course 3rd February 2022
This course was a perfect split of learning and exciting. If the whole day was just learning about marks stories and career then I would have have left a happy man. Unbelievable guy with experience to match.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 29th January 2022
Really amazing experience, nothing like I have ever done before! Mark was really welcoming and such a great teacher. Highly recommend!
Special Forces Firearms Experience 29th January 2022
This introductory day was a full and unforgettable experience. The teaching was done in a very comprehensive and steady way. A combination of expertise, rigour and patience makes Mark “Nobby” a top teacher. Moreover, receiving via narrative and open conversation, the living testimony of his service in the British Army was also a learning and a special treat. I hope to return and continue learning.
Bespoke Firearms Course 23rd January 2022
Julia M Crockett
This one day introduction to the safe and accurate use of a Glock pistol was of real practical use in my international work, for personal safety and for awareness raising with participants in my own English for Special Purposes courses. If my next step is to the USA then Mark's excellent course has been essential cultural preparation.
Bespoke Firearms Course 22nd January 2022
Great course! Safe, really informative and very rewarding.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 15th January 2022
Thanks Nobby. What a brilliant day. Thank you for setting up such a safe, informative and fun event.
Special Forces Firearms Experience 15th January 2022
An extremely enjoyable and informative day. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about shooting. STS have a very professional setup and I am extremely impressed with the instructor’s knowledge and experience. There is a strong focus on safety procedures and understanding the elements of a firearm, providing a level of confidence before handling a loaded gun. Target practice was fun and the focus on core principles allowed me to improve my accuracy and enjoy my time on the range. A fun day and I really want to go back again.
Bespoke Firearms Course 15th January 2022