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J Hughes
This Course was recommended to me by a friend a Former RMP CPO, he himself rated this course in the A+ category. This 1 day course is designed to 'Grant' a certificate of Competency for the use of up to 6 different firearms in daily use on the ships in the HRA. To Grant this certificate Nobby Knowles will expect a degree of competency before you walk through the door, because once he starts you’d better keep up. Nobby former SBS, SAS, 'for real' is an old school good guy who will go out of his way for blokes that can keep up, learn the drills and shoot straight. He even puts on a butty selection and biscuits thought the day. 3days work go in to this 1 day course so be ready.. A real value for money course. I had previously done the TTW course at the tunnel, but this STS was harder faster and more dynamic.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th January 2015
Luiz Goncalves
Maritime Firearms Competency Course - very good
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th January 2015
Damon Winfield
his course was exceptional from start to finish. It was presented in an extremely professional but relaxed manner. The course instructor Mark Knowles was thorough in his methods of teaching. Mark has a wealth of knowledge in all areas regarding the Maritime industry. The range was expertly ran. Held in a relaxed and safe enviroment with all skills revised prior, fluently transcending in to the practical side of the course. I highly recommend this course with STS and will look towards Mark knowles for future qualification.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th January 2015
Nathan Goodger
I recommend this course definetly. From the start everything is laid out for you and very profesional. From the initial communication and joining instructions, to the day itself. The day starts of with tea/ coffee and intros and then builds into the lessons themselves. The weapons learnt are applicable to the career its intended. You have to put the effort in as there is a lot to take in. But the Insructors knowledge and instruction is superb and it all comes together very quickly. Many thanks for a very informative day.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 2nd January 2015
Bobby Hart
I was expecting another typical MFCC when I booked on to the STS course as I have completed 2 other and I was complety mistaken. Small group for learning and more personal instruction, wide range of weapons and first rate instruction from Nobby. I couldnt recommend this course highly enough to any other MSO or any personal wishing to join the industry.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 30th December 2014
Garry Peebles
Excellent course. Good balance between the knowledge & hands on with the weapons. The instructor has a lot of experience and great teaching method for instructing on these weapon systems. Excellent course everyone should do this course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd December 2014
Mark Atkinson
A very well presented course. If you,like myself have only ever been taught drills on an sa80 then this course is a must. Great instruction from a very experienced instructor. An enjoyable day too and worth every penny. Thanks
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 23rd December 2014
Josaia Yalovigau
The course was well structured and presented. I'm amazed by how much this guy know. This is definitely a place to go to if you want to develop your Weapon skill. I really enjoyed the Course to be honest. Thanks Joe
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 22nd December 2014
Nick Beale
Excellent instruction throughout the course. All components of the training we relevent and I have come away with much improved skill levels and confidence to take my role forward. STS is a great and unique setup. Mark Knowles passes on his expert knowledge and exerience clearly. I can highly recomend STS for you Firearms training needs
Bespoke Firearms Course 22nd December 2014
Mark Booton
Firstly a big thanks to Mark 'Nobby' Knowles on putting on such a professional and relevant course. Both myself and my colleague Nick work in the antI poaching arena. Mark put on an awesome course for us. We learned and updated our skills in no fewer than six weapons and also ran through four man contact and antI ambush drills. Really great instruction and thank yoU again. I can highly recommend this course to anyone else involved in wildlife law enforcement and antI poaching operations.
Bespoke Firearms Course 19th December 2014
Liam Owen
My first 'refresher' but second day with Nobby at Shooting Training Solutions having completed the Competency Course last December. An instructor to student ratio of 1:3 on the day (Max 1:4), 8 weapon systems (all relevent and currently employed by PMSC's), hundreds of rounds of ammunition heading downrange....a perfect day really! Nobby is without doubt the most experienced and qualified instructor on the market for this type of course/Qual. To pass his course is to attain his endorsement and provides a guarentee of your safety with Firearms which all the 'Big Players' demand. And personally, if I get allocated TM's that have a Shooting Training Solutions Qual then i'm a happy man. Unfortunately there are some pretty shocking things going on out there....You know what I mean......I digress!! Prices have dropped since last year and this course is excellent value for money. Venue is good. Tea, coffee and biscuits are 'on tap' and a decent cold lunch is provided. Thoroughly recommended 100%
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 17th December 2014
Brendan Duff
I attended this course with a small amount of trepadation, as I thought it would just be a typical box ticking exercise. How wrong I was! The course is quite intense due to the number of weapon systems covered. However, Nobby runs the course in a superb manner, starting with the very basics and bringing everyone on together. The Instruction techniques and the skills and drills taught are second to none. I think this course is the best value for money MFCC on the market, due to the weapon systems covered and the depth of knowledge given. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to complate a course and I can guarantee that you will come away feeling extremely confident on several different weapon systems and with a lot of new information stored in the old grey matter! Many thanks Nobby and I look forward to seeing you next year for my refresher
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 17th December 2014
Stuart Norgate
This is an excellent and highly recommended course. The instructor Nobby Knowles has a wealth of experience and teaches absolute best practice when it comes to weapon handling. The day is split between the classroom and the range, with a nice balance between the two. Guaranteed you will sweat during the afternoon range work, and there is a lot to take in so make sure you are switched on, this is not an attendance course! Tea and coffee is available throughout the day and Nobby even lays on tasty sandwiches for lunch, and a choice of biscuits. Got to be the most informative and best value for money course in the industry - book it and you won't be disappointed.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 10th December 2014
James Chappell
This was a great course, great teaching and very useful day for anyone within the industry already or trying to get into the industry. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, due to the accreditation the course can offer and also holds.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 8th December 2014
Saverio Marasa
Really good course. Not as much about your shooting as it is about your skills and drills. If you're a flapper or you haven't picked up a rifle in a long time, you'd better take a pill before going on it otherwise you'll be all over the place. Otherwise, it's a small course so if you get 3 or 4 of you who are half decent with your weapons you're going to have a good day out. Nobby Knowles is a great instructor (some dits too). Best shooting course I've done in a while, and I've done a lot!!
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 7th December 2014
This was my second time at Shooting Training Solutions. Mark yet again exceeded my expectations with his delivery of the course, only too willing to pass on his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. The drills were taught at a gradual and informed pace with no pressure being put on the student, progreesing to range work in the afternoon. Mark's pragmatic approach to instruction made for an enjoyable learning experience. I would highly recommend Mark and Shooting Training Solutions to anybody requiring maritime firearms frefresher training.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 5th December 2014
Reuben Bennett
Mark 'Nobby' Knowles is probably the most skilled weapons instructor ive had the pleasure to meet, 27 years in the special forces this man knows what hes on about but at the same time shows great patience in his teaching. Really enjoyed the course, learnt the weapon systems inside out and even and improved in my weapons handling of 7 different weapons. if your going to do a maritime firearms qual do it with this guy! hes also shell approved which will only increase your chances of picking up work.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 3rd December 2014
Dylan Tait
Excellent A very well run, instructed and informative course. I would happily recommend STS to anyone requiring the Firearms Competency.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 26th November 2014
Peter Stocken
I booked & attended my third Mairtime Firearms Training package with the usual doubt and expectation of a box ticking course but this time finally I Â was wrong!!! Â From the initial phone call with Mark he was informative, helpful and straight talking. The morning in November arrived and I followed the faultless course joining instructions and arrived to be greeted by Mark himself. The course kicked off with teas and coffees and straight into the hands on day and was structured fantastically. I found Marks temperament to be not only thorough and knowledgable but patient with slower students. I personally came away at the end of the day feeling that I had most certainly not wasted my money and Mark taught us all something that day. The weapon handling was carried out in such a way that my following task in which I deployed on the same day gave me the confidence to actively display higher than industry expected standards and share what I had learnt. A big thumbs up to Nobby and I wish him all the best in the future and see you next year. Â Kindest Regards, Pete.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 26th November 2014
Samuela Qareqare
Course was absolutely awesome.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 24th November 2014
Richard Small
KNobby really knows his stuff when it comes to weapons, very well structured day with some good range time. I would recomend this course to anyone.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 18th November 2014
Andy Eaton
very professionally run course. Excellent instruction and course layout. would recommend this course without hesitation.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 18th November 2014
Richard Small
Great course and even better instructor, Knoby really knoiws his stuff and sets the day out perfectly.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 18th November 2014
Clive Dickinson
A well presented course in a relaxed learning environment. A lot to cover in a short time but I certainly felt that I gained knowledge and confidence from the course. I would have no hesitation in recommending or using STS again....many thanks.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 17th November 2014
Robert Reavley
attended the Firearms Competency course which was very well structured with exellent Instruction throughout. This course gave me the opportunity to fire a large amount of weapons that I had not seen or used before and also gave me the required knowledge I needed to do so confidently and effectively. I would highly recommend this course and look forward to returning when I need to refresh my skills.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 16th November 2014