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Mike King
The course is delivered by a first rate instructor of impeccable pedigree and the highest standards. The delivery is interesting, thorough, fun and entertaining. After a few years out of the 'circuit' I badly needed some refresher, and could not have asked for better. I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 13th December 2015
Helen Houssart
My husband and I completed a bespoke course with Mark as we will soon be sailing round the world and be in unusual and potentially volatile countries or situations. As a complete novice I was surprised by the amount of information and skills that Mark was able to pass to us in the time we had with him. He is an excellent - and very patient and encouraging - instructor. I did not know what to expect but left the course encouraged, reassured and wanting to learn more - but only from Mark as I trust him completely. If you had told me before the weekend that by Sunday afternoon I would understand the mechanisms and how to use the firearms that were covered I would never have believed it. It has given me a healthy dose of confidence and I will be back to learn more without a doubt.
Bespoke Firearms Course 2nd December 2015
Martyn Messenger
Had a great day at the range, excellent instruction and an all round good familiarisation of the various weapons used in the maritime industry. I would highly recommend this course, taught by a very experienced instructor with plenty of stories to tell to lighten the day up. Plus the sandwiches were an unexpected treat. I would have no hesitation in reccomending this course and Mark to any of my colleagues or friends. Many thanks.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 30th November 2015
Tony Fell
very good course plenty of hands on exellent instruction range practices very good. Course is run in a very relaxed manner in a very calm fashion by Mark who you cannot fault for his knowledge and instruction.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 30th November 2015
Billy Mcluskey
2nd time I've been to marks firearms course, better location more hand on as course down to 4 guys. Been in the industry for 4 years and this course is well presented and run properly. Truly the best firearms course I've done by far. Thank you Mark
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 27th November 2015
Jack Townley
Very well taught course with plenty of hands on with different variants of weapons. Couldn't fault anything at all. Had a brilliant day!
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 22nd November 2015
David Wyles
I attended a one day bespoke firearms course with Nobby. He and the day were both outstanding. Nobby is a tremendous instructor and a tremendous individual. I thoroughly enjoyed both the course and his company. Nobby is happy to teach at the limit of his student's pace and appetite, packing such a lot into one day. I had a lot of fun and I learnt a huge amount in what was an exhausting and exhilarating day.
Bespoke Firearms Course 18th November 2015
Nicholas Bohnet
As the Captain of a Mid sized Motor Yacht,operating wordwide,I recently undertook some bespoke training and ultimately the Maritime Firearms Competancy course with Mark at Shooting Training Solutions, with the aim of getting a better understanding of Firearms in the Maritime environment. Having virtually no Firearms experience other than limited Shotgun use and not coming from a military backround, I needed some in-depth training, in a short space of time. Mark managed to take me from a relative beginer, to being competent enough to achieve the required standard,over the course of a few days. Marks no nonsense approach to the training, coupled with his ability to pass over new information in an interesting and absorbable way, made for a very enjoyable and informative course. Mark is obviously a highly capable and accomplished individual who has the ability to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience in an engaging manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Shooting Training Solutions for this type of training, indeed, I would suggest it should be your first port of call! I shall certainly be returning for refresher training in the future. Nick Bohnet.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 18th November 2015
I would highly recommend this course to anyone entering the Maritime Security Industry. The course was delivered at an acceptable pace, and high standards were instilled in all course participants. Marks teaching style ensured that he kept the learning simple, resulting in the practical skills being mastered to achieve the required level of competence.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 18th November 2015
Aurel-Gavrila Cleja
I have attended at this course and I even make the familiarisation training course 15-16 November 2015 with Mark Knoby the training and instructor,I was two lovely days for and I had learn a lot of new things about the weapons that are used in this industry. Mark and STS are the best in every thing that are doing training explaing every thing and help to get confident and safety with the weapon.I recommend STS and Mark two every one who would like to make this training.Thank you Mark for the lovely training that I have gained with you.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 16th November 2015
Leeds Reynolds
I have never learned as much in two days as I did on this course. The knowledge and instruction (including patience) of the Instructor was second to none. This should be an Industry requirement for anyone using firearms. What Nobby doesn't know about firearms isn't worth knowing.
Bespoke Firearms Course 7th November 2015
Darren Harding
Fantastic course and run by a complete professional. The knowledge and experience was second to none and I'd recommend this course to anyone who requires it. Top class and worth every penny.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 6th November 2015
Darren Harding
This training was second to none. It was clear from the offset that I was in a well experienced professional who's know exact.y what he's talking about. The set up ,classroom,content and location was fantastic and I will always recommend this course to anyone wishing to complete this training. Absolute pleasure.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th November 2015
Andrew Corcoran
Extremeley well conducted course. The instructor had tonns of experience and that came across both in the theory part and especially when getting hands on the weapon systems. I left the course confident on all the weapons used and gained a lot more knowledge about their capabilities. Highly recomended.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 5th November 2015
Andrew Corcoran
This course was extremely well delivered and I feel a lot more confident on the weapons, not just weapons I had not used before but also weapons I have used in the past. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking at getting your MFCC or just gaining some more knowledge.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 4th November 2015
Matthew Campbell
Would recommend this course ,good instructions, good instructor mark knowles
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 28th October 2015
Damon Winfield
Today was my second time around attending Marks Firearms refresher course. As per the previous course it was exceptional. A calm environment to learn in, with a teacher who's knowledge far surpasses that of anybody else in the industry. Mark is the definition of a Subject matter expert. Great day, looking forward to the next course in 12 month's time.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 28th October 2015
Ben Duce
Excellent course, good instruction, venue and equiment. Highly recomend the course. I will certainly return in 12 months time to refresh again.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 28th October 2015
Ali Jay
very professional with a relaxed environment.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 28th October 2015
Paul Stableford
No BS, the course was delivered as professionally as you would expect from a man of the instuctors calibre. All industry firearms covered allowing for easy migration between maritime companies. Industry accredited and at a price I couldn't find cheaper.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 28th October 2015
Rob Ocarroll
Once again had a great day with Nobby knowels at sts, my 4th year running. Always informative and great teaching.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 26th October 2015
Steve Westwood
An excellent course and Instructor that is informative and exstemely knowlegable in his field of expertise. The course is run well and aimed at the correct level and is not just an attend and pass course and the while on the range in the afternoon safety is paramount, with various serials shot in various positions. Overall good value for money for an enjoyable course. I would recommmend this course to anybody looking to renew their firearms competancy in the MARSEC industry.
Maritime Firearms Refresher Course 25th October 2015
Gareth Mclellan
highly recommend this course for any one in the industry or stmarring out. KNobby's knowledge skills and training is second to none and very enjoyable course.
Maritime Firearms Competency Course 20th October 2015
Alex F
I contacted Nobby (the course instructor) with the request of a specific training package that suited my needs, due to the unusual nature of my line of work. I wanted 1-to-1 tuition and I needed to be bought up to scratch with the multiple firearms systems and gain certification in both the Maritime Firearms Competencey Course and the Land Based Firearms Competency Course. It should first be noted that I chose Shooting Training Solutions as my training provider because of their ISO-9001 and UKAS accreditations. These are, for me, essential because I needed my licences to be recognised by PMSCs which operate under the Lloyds Registy Quality Assurance ISO-28007. ISO-28007 is a sign of the PCMSC's credability, and I will only employ PMSCs on my vessel that hold this accreditation. Now, to the course... Nobby tailor made this course for me, and he clearly spent a lot of time on it. Every evening after our day's training he reformatted the course notes and structure to make the following day's training relevant. He really was on top of this and totally aware of what I was taking in. He didnt miss a beat. His teaching method was supportive and informal. I felt relaxed in the classroom and he was very open to my questions when I didnt understand any section. In the range there is no messing about. This is where you find out what you have really absorbed. It showed my weaknesses and then we went back to the dry training to iron these issues out. On completion of day four I had completed the course. I passed both the certificates. More importantly though, I am now genuinely confident in the use of all the firearms covered (frankly, any rifle or handgun put in front of my I would be comfortable with now). Gaining the skill sets of the instructor would take a lifetime of combat and SF experiences, but with the correct guidance and teaching it really is possible to reach a high standard within only a number of days. Did I need 4 days 1-to-1 training? - Yes. But I have reaped the rewards of this and I passed both certificates. I am so impressed with the course. I will be back to top up my training with Nobby within the year. I will not go anywhere else for my training after this experience. Also, if in the future I have a question relating to the use of PCMSCs on my yacht, I will speak to Nobby for his advice. His knowledge and experience is likely unparalleled in the whole of the industry. This is a huge benefit to me. If you have a reason to learn the use of firearms I would wholeheartedly recommend you contact Nobby and see what he can offer you.
Bespoke Firearms Course 15th October 2015
Alex F
I spoke to Nobby about the nature of my job and my requrements to gain training with multiple firearms systems for use on land and for maritime use (this was a one-to-one training course). Nobby tailored the course to my exact requirements. He clearly put the work in, and even updated the sylabus each evening to match the pace of my learining. The result was an incredibly well put together and massively beneficial 4 days of intense training. I walked away with both my Maritime Firearms Comptetency Course and my Land Based Firearms Competency Course. It was of importance to me that my training was undertaken by a reputable training provider. Shooting Training Solutions is accredited by the ISO 9001 and the UKAS certification bodies. These are recognised worldwide, and indicate a continued technical competence and integrity of the services on offer. Most companies offering silmilar services do not have these acreditiations. This was a key factor in choosing Shooting Training Solutions for my course. I work in a professional role and all my licences must be the "real deal". If you read Nobby's professional history you will be in no doubt as to his competence to teach in this sector. I would find it hard to find anyone else with such a high level of knowledge and exerience in the security, firearms and military sector. To top this off, he is a very friendly and approachable person who made me feel at ease whilst training in the classroom. The live firing training was undertaken in a professional and safe manner. Nobby does not let you get away with sloppy and unsafe behavior when in the range, and he constanly assesses your ability so that when (or if) you are awarded the certificates, you know that you have reached a suitable level and have proven yourself to be competent. I would not hesitate to recomend Shooting Training Solutions, and I will be back within a year to top up my trainiing, and possibly I will be back sooner to do some more one-to-one training to improve my skills further. A five star course throughout.
Bespoke Firearms Course 13th October 2015