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Course Introduction

Most Police forces today require you to demonstrate you are safe and competent before issuing you a firearms license or renewing one.

Our Firearms Competency Course and certificate are recognised by a number of Police forces in the UK.  

The aim of this course is to introduce new personel to firearms and to refresh those who may be returning to the sport to ensure a level of competence. The one-day course aims to take you through the relevant safe handling and safe shooting requirements to meet the standards relating to public safety and the Police.

The course combines a training room based input with practical experience on the range with various weapon systems.

Over the years STS have worked with a large number of individuals who are renewing or trying to obtain a firearms license and all of them have returned home better informed, safer and more knowledgeable about all aspects of firearms handling. 

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Course Details

The course is usually designed over a one day period to achieve your aims. The STS instructor will cover safe handling of weapon systems and teach you to understand the importance of marksmanship principles before moving into live firing serials. 

The whole package will be informative, comprehensive and enjoyable.

If you are interested please get in touch with us and we will listen to your requirements and put a proposal together for you to read.