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Course Introduction

This course is open to anybody who has successfully completed any Maritime Firearms Competency Course?

This one day course is specifically designed for the Maritime security industry in accordance with ISO/PAS 28007, SCEG Industry best practice guidelines.

Maritime Security Officers must demonstrate their ongoing firearms competency and safety to potential employers in line with recognised industry standards.


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Course Details

This one day course will facilitate a minimum of two and a maximum of four personnel per course. Due to the nature of the course, certification from a recognised Maritime Firearms Competency Course provider stating you have passed a MFCC will be needed, as this is a Refresher course and most of the instruction should be revision.

You will be expected to pass progressive refresher tests and attain certain standards throughout the day in order to renew the certificate.


Course Content

The course offers candidates an intensive and comprehensive 1 day program including:

Safe handling of weapon

Marksmanship principles

Rules Governing the Use of Force

International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers

Weapon familiarisation

Weapons Handling

Rifle familiarisation including stripping and assembly

Function tests

Immediate Action Drills (stoppage drills)

Telescopic sights

Shooting from heights and angles


Shooting from various positions

Accurate and effective target engagement.

Target acquisition

Shooting with personnel protective equipment. (Body Armour)


Pre-course Requirements if you have not attended an STS course before:

In order to attend you will be required to provide the following:

A MFCC certificate from a firearms training provider.  

In date Passport

Clean CRB/DBS (No more than 12 months old from commencement of course)

2 x passport photographs 



Successful students will be deemed competent and will be issued with a Firearms Refresher Certificate valid for 12 months.


Course Requirements

Shooting Training Solutions has strict criteria for all attendees on their Firearms Courses.

Due diligence must be carried out on all personnel before attending as laid down by Shooting Training Solutions and the Security Companies. Therefore the following must be met before Signing up:

  1. You must produce an original Current Criminal Record Background Check CRB/DBS ( dated within the last Twelve months)
  2. If you served in the Forces provide a copy of your Testimonial/Service Certificate. If not an in date Passport and driving licence.
  3. Every individual must supply 2 Passport photographs with their name on the back.
  4. If still serving. Proof of Service by way of  a Military/Law Enforcement ID Card or a letter from Unit Commander or similar on the day of the course. 


Venue Requirements

The venue also has its own criteria to allow individuals to be able to use its facilities as follows:

  1. No person may participate on a course or enter any of the ranges, if they are prohibited under Sec 21 of the Firearms Act (1968).
  2. No person may enter or use any of the ranges without signing the Range register and confirming the regulations.


Fitness Requirements

There will be a certain amount of physical involved on the course during the Live Fire stage. You must inform the staff before the commencement of the course if you have any reasons medical or otherwise why you are not able to take part in any of the exercises.

Weapon Systems
Bar Longtrac
Benelli MR1
Bolt Action Rifles
Browning FN Match
Heckler & Kock G3
L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
Steyr Scout Mannlicher