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Course Introduction

This course teaches and brings security contractors up to date with the weapon systems that are currently being used within this industry.

It also supplies a certificate to say you are safe and competent with weapons to gain the contracts you are actively searching. The course will teach safe competent drills with an easy to understand teach philosophy that will make you feel confident and capable with any weapon after completing the course.

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Course Details

The course can be designed for you with weapon systems to be proficient on or we can give you a good insight to many weapons in the security industry.

The course will include:

Detailed joining instructions, lunch on two days with refreshments throughout the training, weapons, ammunition and safety equipment on the range including body armour, pro-active ear defenders, eye protection and certification on successfully passing the course.

Subjects taught include:

Your instructor has the experience and knowledge of environments that need good, slick weapon drills and has specifically designed this course so that a high standard can be achieved within the time scale allotted.

After the instructor has initially assessed the student’s level of competency, he will, through relaxed and professional coaching, provide an intensive and enjoyable training package to ensure the students achieve thier maximum potential.

On successful completion of the course, a certificate will be issued confirming that a safe level of competency in weapon handling for land based operations has been achieved.


Course Requirements

Shooting Training Solutions has strict criteria for all attendees on their Firearms Courses.

Due diligence must be carried out on all personnel before attending as laid down by Shooting Training Solutions and the Security Companies. Therefore the following are to be met before Signing up:

  1. You must produce an original in date Passport and driving licence. 
  2. Every individual must supply 2 Passport photographs with their name on the back.

Venue Requirements

The venue also has its own criteria to allow individuals to be able to use its facilities as follows:

  1. No person may participate on a course or enter any of the ranges, if they are prohibited under Sec 21 of the Firearms Act (1968).
  2. No person may enter or use any of the ranges without signing the Range register and confirming the regulations.

Fitness Requirements

There will be a certain amount of physical activity involved on the course during the Live Fire stage. You must inform the staff before the commencement of the course if you have any reasons medical or otherwise why you are not able to take part in any of the exercises.

Weapon Systems
Bar Longtrac
Benelli MR1
Bolt Action Rifles
Browning FN Match
Heckler & Kock 416/417
Heckler & Kock G3
Heckler & Kock MP5
L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
Sig 226
Sig 228
SIG 522
Steyr Scout Mannlicher

Joining Instructions View the joining instructions for this course.